12 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself That Actually Work

Some days we wake up energized, extremely motivated and ready to seize the day. Other days are heavy, it’s even hard to get out of bed.

Do you want to prevent those heavy days? Do you want to learn how to get into the groove the moment you wake up?


Here are the 12 simple and smart ways that will keep you motivated every day:

1. Starts small

When you take on a huge task, you might end up procrastinating. Start small or break down that huge task to smaller steps and take one step at a time.

The key is to keep going and move forward.

2. Get motivation from other people

Don’t spend your precious time with negative people. Surround yourself with motivated people, enthusiastic that can fill you up with positive energy and help you feel more motivated.

3. Get motivation from people you don’t know

Other people, than those closest to you, can motivate you too. Don’t limit yourself because motivation can be found in blogs, books, articles and success stories.

4. Listen to music that energizes you

Anytime you feel low in energy, play music that’s upbeat and inspiring.

5. Be constructive when it comes to failures

Make your setbacks less hurtful and more valuable by being more constructive. If you feel stuck, ask yourself what you can learn from it rather than bring yourself down.

6. Compete in a friendly way

Friendly competition is great for motivation. That element of competition will liven things up and keep you going forward.

7. Remind yourself why you’re working towards this

It’s really easy to give up when you’re feeling low in energy or unmotivated. Take some time off and consider the things why you’re doing this.

Put that in writing and place the note on a spot you see every day to give you a boost when you need it.

8. Be grateful for what you have

When you’re feeling low, it’s normal to look at all things with negativity. Put more focus on who you are and what you have.

You have a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in and food to eat. This will give you motivation to keep going.

9. Declutter your workspace

Take some time to thoroughly clean your workspace. Throw away things you don’t use and make everything minimalistic.

Clean and organized workspace will help feel more focused and motivated.

10. Mix things up

Monotony can really kill motivation. Anytime you lack in motivation, try to mix things up. Play some music, relax a bit, dance a bit, do something you normally don’t do.

Adding something new and interesting will keep your motivation going.

11. Take a break

Nothing can kill off motivation like working non stop. Try taking a 15 minute break for every working hour.

Grab a snack, a cup of coffee, do a bit of stretching or just go out for some fresh air.

12. Adjust your goal

If you can’t handle a big goal, try small to find motivation again. Taking a mission too big for you can really kill motivation.


Remember not to give up because success is coming. 

How do you motivate yourself?

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