Girls Who Stay Single For Large Periods Of Time end Up The Happiest

For many women, their independence represents ability to focus on life goals without any distraction.


According to the new reports from consumer analyst Mintel, around 61% of British women are happy about being single and 49% of men feeling the same.

The study showed that 75% of single women, and 65% of single men didn’t want to have a committed relationship in the past year. Around 32% of women at age of 45-65 were really happy being single and only 19% percent of men that participated in the poll felt the same way.

Dr. Emily Grundy, from the University of Essex in UK, explained that women have to work hard when they are in relationships and make more efforts and labor than men.

“There’s evidence that women spend longer on domestic tasks than men and I think they also do more emotional work – so they still do more housework and cooking and things as well as more emotional labour,” says Grundy.

Grundy also stated that men are more dependent on their partners than women who are more likely to have social life and friends.

Some experiments named “single studies” were made by the professor Bella DePaulo, a social scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has investigated how single life affects people, and how others perceive singletons. This is what she stated.

“Women, especially, are more likely to enjoy solitude than men are. Single women find being alone is a wonderful time for restoration, creativity, and personal growth. And there are so many more opportunities to create the life you want, such as traveling, following your passions and doing meaningful work.”

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