15 Never-Seen-Before Pictures of The Titanic and its Passengers Will Send a Chill Down Your Spine

This year is the 20th anniversary of the great award-winning movie Titanic and we bring to you some stunning, rare pictures of the original ship.

In April, 1912, the British passenger liner Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg. The story of the ship became famous after making the legendary movie – Titanic. You probably remember the movie, the story, and the characters, but did you know what actually the real ship and the passengers looked like?

Here are some pictures of the real Titanic and the real passengers:


Source: Wikimedia Commons – The unfinished ship, at Belfast, on May 31, 1911.


Source: Wikimedia Commons – Titanic under construction.


Source: Library of Congress – The Titanic, ready to be launched.


Source: Wikimedia Commons – The last lifeboat launched from the Titanic.


Source: Library of Congress – Captain of the Titanic.


Source: National Archives – Two lifeboats carry Titanic survivors toward safety.


Source: Library of Congress – The “Titanic orphans,” French brothers Michel (left, age 4) and Edmond Navratil (right, age 2), who were left temporarily parent-less their father died on the ship. 


 Source: ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images – People line up to see the Titanic.


Source: Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images – A child plays on the playground located on the saloon deck of the Titanic three days before the ship went down.


Source: Ralph White/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images – Captain Edward J. Smith (right) and Purser Hugh Walter McElroy stand aboard the Titanic.


Source: George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images – The main dining room. 


Source: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images – A newspaper boy sells copies of the Evening News telling of the Titanic sinking outside the off ice of the White Star Line.


Survivors of the Titanic sinking sit at Millbay Docks in Plymouth, England. Source: Hulton Archive/Getty Images


Source: Library of Congress – Straus Memorial Park in New York City.


Source: Wikimedia Commons – The reading and writing room on the first-class deck of the Titanic.

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