5 Essential Reasons For Thinking That He’ll Leave You Any Moment

For once, let’s accept it that, mostly, a woman can beat any man when it comes to paranoia. That being said, the fact also remains that paranoia is not something that a woman has “by birth”. No! Birth has nothing to do with this, for your paranoia is socially constructed. Being a woman, one thing that you are taught from the very beginning is to be careful and alert.

Consequently, beyond your control, your brain develops a certain way of accepting and analysing any information. Paranoia is only an effect of this particular functioning of your brain.

It often becomes so habitual for you, that you stop seeing any difference between your intuitions and your paranoia.

However, you must know, that uncontrolled and paranoia can in fact hurt you in many ways, especially with regard to your romantic relationships.

Here are 5 essential factors that trigger your negative thoughts about your partner leaving you any moment.
1. Instances from cinema and real-life

There is an abundance of instances of broken relationships in both real-life and in cinemas. Consequently, you often tend to think that the same is going to happen to you. However, you must know that how you look at other people’s relationships doesn’t necessarily make it imperative for the same things to be repeated in your life.

2. Past trauma

The biggest reason for most your fears is some or the other past trauma associated with it. It seems inevitably that history would repeat itself and even the slightest signs scare you. Now, you have to let go of your fears sometimes and trust the person who cares for you. Every situation, and every individual, are not the same after all.

3. Lack of self-confidence

You are probably not as ‘attractive’ as those women you see online or on print. Well, you don’t even have to be. Yet, such thoughts dent your self-esteem and you consider this to be the reason why your boyfriend would leave you any day, for someone ‘better’ than yourself. Don’t let this happen. Be confident about who you are and you’ll never have the fear of being deserted.

4. Friends as enemy

You consider his friends to be somewhat enemies to you. Why? Because you have the notion that they would inspire him to cheat on you. Well, it need not always be that way. Instead, you can make friends with them so that they care for you and rather send your boyfriend home to settle a fight that you two might have had. In short, trust will gain you respect.

5. Misconceived intolerance

You cannot be yourself as you feel that you’d upset your boyfriend by even the slightest of your tantrums and you’ll be left alone. Well, as long as you are being rational and are not being carried away by emotions, it is absolutely alright and rather healthy for you to be able to fully express yourself in your relationships.

More often than not, paranoia is pretty harmful for yourself and even for those who are around you. It’s a vicious circle and you absolutely have to break out of it at times. Sometimes you simply have to keep calm and enjoy the love that you have.

If you are truly in love with a nice person and they equally love you back, it means that the two of you will get through the tough times together. With trust and adequate efforts your relationship would stay and not wither as easily as you think it will.

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