5 Facts The Cheated Wife Should Know About the Mistress

Whenever we hear a scandal about an extra marital affair and the wife getting cheated by the husband, the entire society pulls out its guns and targets the other woman or the mistress first. We forget that these women are similar to us, with dreams, aspirations and therefore should not be the only one blamed in the case.

I understand that it wasn’t clever of them to get involved with a married guy but since it has happened anyway there’s not much you can do about it. However we must not forget that these women who are shunned by all are members of the society, someone’s family.

This problem is a very tricky one because it’s hard to understand their side of the story. Especially the women who have been betrayed suffer the most and fail to sympathise with the ‘other woman’.

So these are the 5 facts wives must be aware of about mistresses.

1.She is guilty throughout

Mistresses feel terrible everyday as their partners are married to someone else. She knows that she can never be the one, kept as a secret from a wife and children, and only paid attention to on certain days. Her surroundings, movies, everything reminds her of her shameful position and misfortune.

However there are many other women who have no idea that their lover is married as the men keep their marriage a secret. To be honest, when a man can betray a wife and be with someone else, then he won’t have any issues fabricating several lies to get his way. Therefore, a mistress does feel guilt for her actions, if she isn’t a sociopath.

2.Maybe she never wanted to be a mistress

Although people are responsible for their own choices, often poor situations and choices can compel one to be in an affair. Nobody wishes to become a mistress. Many times they might even have a family of their own.  It can pose a risk to her life. Most of the time it’s harmless fooling around that leads to love or getting misled by lies told by the man that puts her in the spot.

3.She envies

They hate the fact that they’ll forever be kept hidden from the world and never be acknowledged as the man’s lover. It’s even worse if she gives birth to a child out of wedlock. Her heart aches knowing his family will always be his first priority. Therefore she becomes jealous of the wife’s fortune while she remains alone.

4.Falling for the wrong guy

Love is blind and you realize your mistake when it’s too late. However due to several factors she can’t leave him even after knowing. The guilt, love and manipulation forces them to stay.

5.She’s hopeful

She believes all his empty promises and feel sympathy for his failed marriage. Even if his marriage is fine, he’ll lie to keep her around. No matter what he does, she’ll always take his side as she’s blinded by love. She keeps hoping that he will be with her forever. It’s extremely depressing.

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