5 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With Untrustworthy People

There is nothing more precious and valuable than trust and loyalty. Every relationship, in order to work out, needs to be based on trust. It is never a one way street. You need to trust your partner as much as you want him/her to trust you. It is necessary to be careful as to whom you trust because they might have wrong intentions, leading to some disastrous outcome. Such people will later on make you realize that appearances can be deceptive. In order to identify the people who are not worthy of your trust, you should look out for the following things.

1. Unnecessarily charming

Whenever you come across a person who seems to be excessively charming, there is something absolutely wrong about it. They might have certain wrong intentions which will leave you baffled when you come across the truth. Such people are more interested in you rather than revealing anything about them. It is better to be careful than to fall prey to such manipulative people.

2. They are not sympathetic

Such people lack sympathy in even the worse conditions. They present inhuman traits and wouldn’t really mind backstabbing other people. They hardly care about someone’s feelings of pain as they wouldn’t be able to realize the measure of pain that one goes through. They will never refrain from taking an opportunity which would intentionally hurt people. They receive sadistic pleasure by hurting others in every possible way.

3. They can be narcissists

If the person suffers from narcissism, he/she cannot really prioritize anyone above themselves. Such people are often difficult to trust. They can never accept any criticism about themselves, even if they are at fault. They will always find means to defend themselves. You need to remember that such people are extremely egoistic and value themselves over everything else. In order to save their skin and prove their point, they might take help of foul means and end up blaming you for their wrong decisions. Trusting them will bring you no happiness at all.

4. They can never maintain secrets

Trusting people with your deepest secrets can be a nightmare if they cannot keep secrets to themselves. You cannot entrust them with things that are confidential because they are sure to let it out. They are the ones who might even manipulate your secrets and let it out to others to share great gossip. They think that such act of theirs would make them more popular among all. You need to be assured that they might have revealed your secrets to people already and it is a high time that you stay away from them. Such people are worse than backstabbers.

5. They are fickle-minded

People who are fickle-minded cannot be trusted easily. They seem to be indecisive about everything and every option before them appears equally important. It is better to not believe the decisions that they take because they will never stick to their word. They are not necessarily disloyal, but their standpoints keep on changing. This makes them incapable of anyone’s trust.

Simply put, stay woke, stay aware. Keep your beer chilled, and your confidantes less.

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