6 Reasons Why Independent Women Are Intimidating

I have come across so many people who have identified me as scary or intimidating. They tell me it is why I don’t get along guys so well. This would only confuse me and I never really understood what could be scary about me as I seemed quite pleasant to myself. But then one day, a friend of mine spoke to me and said that I was extremely independent. According to her, I had everything I needed and I was intelligent enough to handle everything around me which is why men would end up feeling lesser around me.

How relationships worked about 40 years ago was like the boy would try to win a girl’s heart whom he likes, takes her home, is responsible for making money, makes the decisions and sets the culture of the house while the girl follows and supports the man to help him be the “man of the house”.

However, now the times have changed. Nearly half the working sector is occupied by women and out of these, 40% women contribute as managers or professionals. The statistical data suggests that women are the leaders of today’s world and they do not depend on any other person in life.

Below are the reasons to why we come across as intimidating:

1. Independent women earn well

Irrespective of the perception of the world that women earn less than men, the percentage of women working a managers is growing which clearly suggests that women are making more money than ever before. So for all those men who are comfortable when being needed by their women, the fact that women can take care of all their financial requirements is a discomfort.

2.  Once on their own, women feel less emotionally dependent

The women who have proven themselves professionally seldom go out seeking approvals on their looks or mannerism from men. They already know that they are at the top and their perception is the one that matters. Independent women support each other since they understand the importance and capability of girl power.

3. Independent women stand up for themselves

Every independent woman is smart and bold enough to stand up for herself. She understands her worth and won’t take shit from anyone who looks down upon her. With all the confidence she has gained being on the journey of becoming someone, she can put you down any time she wants.

4. Independent women are grown up

The maturity in women often forces men to match their level pushing them out of their comfort zones. This feels difficult to men and it makes them realise that they cannot come out on the top while being dumb.

5. Independent women are no nonsense people

Modern women do not indulge in useless games and they have no interest in entertaining wannabes. They mean business as they have so much to take care of.

6. They don’t need someone

Women may like or want someone in their life but they cannot be leveraged into doing something against their will. Being independent allows them to make their own way and handle things the way they want.

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