7 Explanations For Dreaming About Your Special Someone

It’s true that we look forward to seeing our crush in our dreams. But does it make you feel uneasy sometimes? Especially when you aren’t able to decipher the meaning of the strange happenings that you saw. You know there’s an explanation for these commonly seen dreams.

Why does our crush come in our dreams?

Normally what we see in our dreams is a part of our subconscious activities that our brain keeps storing and putting it aside. The dreams are simply a manifestation of the same. Similarly, when you see a dream about your crush, it’s because you’ve been subconsciously thinking about different situations that you can be with that person.

What’s the meaning of these dreams?

Let’s look at the different kinds of dreams that correlate with the thoughts that you may have but have not been able to recognize so far.

1. You only see your crush’s face

Everything about your crush, the body, actions, and words, except for the face was hazy in the dream.


If your dream only focused on your crush, then it implies that you’re idealizing the person. Your crush is significantly the ideal image in your life.

2. You dream of a date with your crush

It’s not so unusual to dream of a date with your crush. It’s what couples do—hold hands, watch a movie together, etc.


Well, if you’ve been thinking about seriously considering the relationship with your crush, then this is exactly what you’ll dream about. You’ll visualize a future date in your dreams.

3. Your crush and you are making love

 Isn’t a dream that includes sexual intimacy with your crush the most amazing thing to see? But before you come to any conclusions, there are two approaches to this kind of a dream. There’s one where you make an initiative and the crush reciprocates to it. The other one is when your crush initiates the same. Both imply that you desire sexual intimacy with your crush.

If you initiated it

This is one quite obviously implies that you want to have a sexual encounter with your crush.

Your crush initiated it

Well if you’re someone who’d rather be approached even if you desire sexual intimacy, then this is what you’ll dream of. You want to be pursued and therefore you’ll participate only after your crush has made the first move.

4. Your crush and you have an argument with each other

 It’s an uncomfortable dream, which includes an argument or even a physical combat between you and your crush.


This fight is an anticipated fear of the relationship with your crush not working out. You probably think that if you’ll be together, the relationship will end. Hence your insecurities and fears manifest as this dream.

5. Death of your crush

 This is the most disturbing dream wherein you see either your crush’s corpse, or someone informs you about the death. It’s certainly not the best thing to see.


Don’t be so worried if this is what you saw. It could probably mean that you don’t feel the same way about your crush anymore and hence the initial feelings are ‘dead’.

Else it could imply that you haven’t come across your crush since really long and you miss the sight of the beautiful face.

6. You dream of your crush dating some other person

 This one could be a painful dream, especially when you wake up and fear that your crush has probably walked away with someone other than you.


Once again, your insecurities are holding you back from initiating a move at your crush. And not only that you’re even dreaming about it now. The fear of failure in your relationship is appearing as someone else’s fortune.

7. In your dream your crush admires you equally or confesses crushing on you

This is what’s called wish fulfillment. What’s better than seeing your crush reciprocating the same admiration for you!


Well, isn’t it wonderful to wake up with a pleasant smile from a dream like this? If you see this it means that you’re self-confident and you have the courage to pursue your crush. So what’s holding you back? Make a move, now!

Take a risk, and go break a leg.

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