7 Psychological Problems That Are Linked To Poor Parenting

Being a correct parent is essential to raise your child in a good person. Your behavior, words and actions have a big influence on how your children will act, think and feel.

Here are 7 psychological problems that may occur in children due to poor parenting:

1.Anxiety and depression

If you are constantly criticizing your children, it is more likely they become anxious and depressed. Overprotection isn’t good at all; they might become fearful of everything around them and lack independence.

2.Low self-esteem

Never compare your child with someone else, this way you can just lower his/her self-esteem. Comparing your child with his sister, brother, or friend can cause an inferior behavior. The child is more likely to grow up with low self-esteem, believing that they aren’t good enough.

3.Trust issues

Always telling your child that nobody can be trusted will end up having a negative effect on their life. This is not the correct way of teaching your children; they might develop serious trust issues as grown up persons.

4.Depression and guilt

Parents do their best to make children happy and satisfied. But, if you constantly tell your children what you have sacrificed for them can cause feelings of guilt and depression. Your child will begin to feel he doesn’t deserve anything. This feeling of being unworthy can follow a child into their adult life.

5.Suppression of emotions


If you as a parent always hide your feelings and emotions, is more likely your child does the same. Constantly telling your child to “Stop crying” or “Stop complaining” can make them become closed and suppress their emotions, which can cause many problems when they will grow up.

6.Lack of independence

If you overprotect or over-control your child, there is a big chance for them to become irresponsible, and immature.  Always keeping your child too close and not allowing them to do anything fun with their friends can cause lack of independence when they grow up. This way they will become dependent on others, without having ability to make their own life decisions.

7.Suppression of talents and lack of initiative

Leave your child to have dreams. Never tell them that they’re being unrealistic or stupid. If you make your child suppress their talents, and give up on their dreams, there is a big chance for your child to grow up into a person with lack of initiative.

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