8 Signs Your Relationship Doesn’t Work And You Are Not Aware Of It

There are times when we are not really sure about the course of our romantic endeavor. The relationship seems to be going down the perfect track of harmonious glory until one day – where it all shatters to nothing. It’s only then that we realize that we have been blissfully avoiding the red flags of the relationship to cling on to the idea of a “perfect” one.

Relationships are certainly one of the most important domains of our social life. We learn more about a person, fall for them and dream of spending the rest of our lives with the same person. But reality seldom endows us with such luxurious attempts at happiness.

Here, we have listed 8 unseen alerts which prove that a relationship is doomed to fail. Hold on to your nerves and read on!

1. He is an adult but still lives with his mom

This is a warning sign and not cute at all. A grown-up man is supposed to take up new challenges in life. This compels him to bid adieu to his comfort zone and step out into the world to plunge into a pool of responsibilities. If he’s still living with his mom in the basement, chances are that he is really, really immature. This will affect your relationship at large.

2. You two never had a sleepover at anybody’s place

You have never stayed on with your lover for a whole night. However late it might be at night, he never invites you to stay over at his place. The bonding is far from being complete, my friend.

3. He has a habit of speaking gibberish to avoid serious talks

He never answers your questions seriously. He HAS to refer to obsolete pop culture texts or TV series quotes to make a fool out of himself. He lacks the courage to face a serious talk and shies away from it immediately. If you think this is acceptable, question yourself again.

4. He wanted kids right away

Let’s face it – we all love little kids playing around with their cheerful giggles expressing unadulterated happiness. But there’s a proper time for every single aspect of our lives. Now is the time to develop yourself into a responsible human being. If kids are all that your lover can think of right now, you should start questioning his senses.

5. He blankly ghosts you for days

He does not text or call you at all. And he does it without any prior warnings. This sucks, right? We know how you feel.

6. He tends to make plans with your mutual friends without asking you

He asks you out to meet a couple of friends on the day of the event. He never asks for your permission and takes you for granted. This is going to be a stumbling block down the line!

7. He has no idea what to gift you

He does not know what you like to have. He has no idea about your tastes in life and so, tries to barge in with his own choices. It’s cute at first but it gets boring and borderline annoying very quick!

8. He sucked up on how he felt about the relationship until the breakup

He never expressed how he felt about the whole relationship. He never acknowledged your efforts or your emotions. But he comes up with all his emotional burdens right after you break up. Not fair!

It’s essential to keep this points in mind in case you decide to invest in another serious relationship anytime soon. Here’s hoping for your success!

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