9 Surprising Signs That Your Pistanthrophobia is Destroying Your Relationship

Pistanthrophobia is a condition where people are simply unable to trust other people. The reasons could be a bad experience in the past. Most of the times, people don’t realize if they are suffering from this phobia and thus are not able to handle themselves well. The biggest problems come in your relationships.

For any relationship, particularly ones of intimate nature, it is imperative that two partners are able to trust each other. A meaningful and lasting relationship cannot be formed if one or both the partners are constantly on their guard against each other. Vulnerability is essential, and it cannot come without trust. So if you think you have trouble trusting other people, here are 9 symptoms of pistanthrophobia that you can check yourself against:

1.The first assumption on meeting anyone new is that they will cause you hurt

If this is your default reaction on meeting almost every single individual, then it is definitely a matter of concern. Not everyone on this earth is evil, and you need to give people the benefit of doubt.

2.You feel that it is impossible for you to be ever in a happy relationship

When in a relationship, you are always looking for things to go wrong. You feel that it is inevitable that something will come along and ruin everything that you have.

3.You are always skeptical around people

You feel unable to take anyone or anything at face value. You always feel that something is being kept from you. And you are obsessed with finding out ‘what is really happening’.

4.You never trust people to tell you the truth

The fact that a person could be telling you the truth just never crosses your mind. You find yourself incapable of ever trusting a person’s words unless there is compelling evidence to prove their claim.

5.You always look for and believe in the first case scenario

It is one thing to look for the worst that could happen and prepare yourself for it accordingly. It is a whole other matter when you think that the worse is in fact the only possible outcome.

6.You are very insecure in your relationships

Because you are unable to trust your partner, you get jealous very easily. You can’t even stand for them to be with their friends.

7.You’ve made up your mind about not trusting people

Because of your past experiences etc. you have decided that you are just never going to trust anyone ever and feel that is the only way to live a happy life.

8.You always need your partner to make you feel better about your insecurities

Since you are so distrusting, you keep questioning yourself, your partner and even your relationship. And your partner has to constantly step in to reassure you.

9.When you do decide to be with someone, you give them an ultimatum right in the beginning of the relationship

It is one thing to want to date someone exclusively. It is quite another to expect them to pledge their life to you after only a few dates.


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