9 Unhealthy Side Effects Of Being In A Relationship With A Toxic Person

In life, you cannot help being around toxic people and relationships. It could be your partner, a close friend, someone at work or even your parents. Though most of the times we have to adjust ourselves to ignore toxicity as much as possible without cutting all ties, sometimes it becomes imperative that we do so. Here are 9 instances where being in a toxic relationship can ruin the other aspects of your life as well.


You can’t get them off your mind and even when you are away from them, they keep springing up in your conversations. Yes, that’s the kind of hold they are capable on having on you. There toxicity doesn’t need their presence to affect you.


You can no longer control your own emotions when you are in their presence. They have managed to become such an influence on your life that you are no longer sure of your body’s impulses. Their overwhelming persona triggers your emotional instability and it can cause major problems with other people in your life.


They have twisted your sense of self worth so much that you no longer feel like you’re important. They take every chance they get to belittle and demean you. All of us have insecurities and they prey on yours. Don’t let them get to you and your self confidence.


It comes to a point that you start blaming them for everything bad or wrong in your life, even your own actions for which only you are responsible. This is very bad indeed, because they have penetrated so deep in your life that even you can’t tell where their presence ends.


Being around them, you can never be at peace. Hoping to get comfortable while in their company is a dream that is never going to be realized. When things get so bad, the only way out for you is to completely scratch them off your life.


Worst of all, you start noticing that they have influenced you so much that you have started turning toxic too. If you find yourself lashing out at someone else just because you were annoyed at the toxic person in your life, you have joined the circle of toxicity. Don’t let yourself be a vehicle of that.


You let them walk all over you and never raise your voice. Most of the times, you are not even aware that they are taking advantage of you. You have become so accustomed to saying yes to their every demand that you no longer think twice about what is being demanded of you. Don’t let your guard down around them.


You find unhealthy crutches, such as alcohol or substance abuse, in order to help you come with the mess their toxicity is causing.


And finally because of all these reasons combined, you will find that your equation with the other, more important people in your life has suffered a great deal. Knowingly or not, you are alienating the people who are closest to you. And by doing so, you are only giving more power to that toxic person in your life.

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