9 Useful Methods To Keep Men From “Finishing” Too Soon



When it comes to making love, there are so many things that can go wrong, it’s miracle if it works out more often that not. There are all sorts of performance issues a man can run into. For some, it’s as simple as taking little pill. For others, you have to be more creative. Recently, men began sharing what they think about to keep from being-two-pump chumps, and the results are, well, just read them for yourself. And remember, nice guys always finish last…


“I don’t see the point holding back, if i can’t do it for her during, i will help afterwards…but i like to do this thing called “foreplay’ and get her to orgasm before i start pounding her cervix.”



F***. About to finish. Time to sneakily pull out and take a 15 sec break while i kiss her, call her beautiful and tell her what position i want to do next!”


“I always think of the most efficient way to design a fridge, and where my food would go in that fridge. Very satisfying.”


“Dont nut dont nut dont nut..F***… I am sorry”


“I don’t worry about it? Shoot, the worst- case scenario is she gets to feel like hot stuff because I couldn’t hold back..”


“Thinking about debt and all the money i owe seems to stress me out enough to override an impending orgasm.”


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