Artist Stood Still 6 Hours And Let People Do What They Wanted To Her Body

The well known performance artist Marina Abramovic has shocked the world again with one of her newest performances.The latest of her artistic movements was deciding to stand still in front of the public for 6 whole hours, with placed 72 objects on the table that were meant to be used if the public desires, and the results were quite dark.

She decided to stay still and be passive, without any further interaction with the onlookers, as turning herself to an object of free manipulation. She indeed showed the world what truth lies in the human nature.

The objects that she included were a rose, scalpel,a condom, a feather, grapes, honey, a whip, a gun and a single bullet. Are you trying to imagine what has happened and used?

Abramovic explained in an interview that is started very innocent. People would play with her, feed her, tickle her, etc. As it continued, it gradually escalated into culminating to pure horror. People tore her clothes off, used the rose stem to pierce her skin with, cut her with a razor blade and even drank her blood. They asked her to strip down, lay naked on the table and acted as they would stab her. As it continued to escalate, a bullet was placed in the gun and Abramovic was asked to hold the gun to her head. Another person tried to have sex with her but someone else stopped him.

Once the performance was over, the owner of the gallery came in and kicked everyone out. She began walking towards the audience in a raw form, with tears on her face, blood dripping, striped naked and bruised both inside and out, and they ran out of the room.

The people couldn’t face her after she started to walk towards them. They have toyed with her as she was passive, but left immediately once she became human to them. In the photos you could see how hauntingly she looks, and feel how devastated she feels. This was one of those performances that will stay with humanity for a long time.

Source: Awarenessact

2 comments on “Artist Stood Still 6 Hours And Let People Do What They Wanted To Her Body”

  1. David Hayes says:

    I am disgusted with those who delighted in barbaric and disrespectful behavior under the guise of freedom of expression. We have been over exposed and mindlessly sensationalized over the past few decades especially. So many have lost the ability to recognize and respond with healthy moral fiber. There’s too much proof that so many of us are sick and spiritually lost.

  2. Alek L. says:

    Excellent experiment! But at the same time expected, knowing that every single human always had, have and will have the potential for both good and evel, creation and destruction. Strong defence is necessary. It is natural. Nature is such. Get over it!

    Also, there were probably people with full or partial personality disorders there in the oriance, like psychopaths or narcissist. So especially from them you can’t expect different bihavior when not confronted with consequences.

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