25 Dream Symbols and Their Meaning

Every person dreams, but we forget 90% of those dreams. Dreams show us what’s going in our subconscious mind and if you want to study them, you should try keeping a dream journal.

If your dreams are negative, it might be an indicator that there are issues in your life you need to resolve.

If you find your dreams to be positive and futuristic, it means that you have resolved your issues and managed to get inner peace.

If you constantly have nightmares, you need to stop watching too much TV and horror movies.

We’re giving you a list of 25 dream symbols and their most common meaning! Here’s what your dreams mean:

1. Age

If you see yourself older in your dreams, it indicates possible health problems. If you’re younger in your dreams, it shows a lost opportunity. If you see many older people, it means good luck.

2. Baby

Baby means innocence and new beginnings. It might also indicate impending romance. If you dream of a baby talking, it means that you need to listen to your inner child more.

3. Being chased

If someone is chasing you, it means that you’re avoiding some situation in your life. It can also indicate that you’re running from a traumatic childhood event.

4. Can’t talk or scream

You’re trying to scream “help” but nothing comes out of your mouth? If you dream these kinds of dreams, it means that your voice isn’t heard in real life.

5. Death

If you dream that you’re dead, it means that you’re questioning your mortality. If you dream about the death of a loved one, it means you can’t accept the death of that person.

6. Driving

If you dream that you’re driving, the car indicates you and the way you’re moving through life.

7. Falling

If you dream that you’re falling, it might mean that you’re losing control in some areas of your life.

8. Flying

Flying indicates freedom. It means that you’ve risen over a problem that has been bothering you. If you’re scared of flying in your dream, it might mean that there’s some changes in your life you’re not comfortable with.

9. Food

Dreaming about food means you’re hungry for knowledge.

10. Gate

If you see a gate in your dream, it means that there are new beginnings ahead of you. A gate can also indicate a barrier.

11. Giants

If you dream giants, it might mean that you’re experiencing a lot of struggles in your life. If you overcome the giants, good times are ahead of you.

12. Guns

Seeing a gun mean need for protection or anxiety. Guns also represent aggression.

13. Hair

Split hair is a sign of libido issues while dreaming about a full, long hair means you can’t get over your hair loss.

14. Illness

If you dream of being ill, it means that your mind is telling you something you’re not aware of. It can also indicate a feeling of abandonment.

15. Insects

Insects indicate an unpleasant feeling. They can also mean a struggle.

16. Ladder

A ladder means a desire to reach higher levels in some aspects of your life.

17. Lottery

Winning the lottery in your dreams means that you’re eager to be freed from financial issues.

18. Magic

Magic indicates power, changes, creativity. If you see a person performing magic in your dreams, it means that good fortune is coming your way.

19. Money

If you have a lot of money in your dreams, it means control and power. If you lack in money, it indicates low self-worth.

20. Paralysis

If you’re paralyzed in your dream, it means that you’re feeling trapped within a job or relationship.

21. Sex

Sex means desire for intimacy. It can also mean wanting to gain power over some people. If you dream about having sex with your partner, it means affection, harmony and adoration.

22. Teeth

If you dream about losing teeth, it means you’re afraid of getting old. It can also indicate feeling unattractive.

23. UFO

Seeing a UFO in your dreams, indicates a desire to find the meaning of your life. It also shows that you’re a person who’s eager to learn about the unknown.

24. Water

If you dream that you’re drowning, it means you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you dream about sitting on a beach and enjoying the water, it means you’ve found your inner peace. If you’re dreaming about a flood, it means that something is too overwhelming and causing you stress.

25. Weather

Weather in your dreams can tell you a lot of things about your emotions. If you dream a fog, it means you’re confused about something. Rain means feeling depressed.Sunny weather is a sign of happiness.


What were you dreaming last night?

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