Here is What Your Soulmate is Like According to Your Birth Month

While you can’t predict who exactly will be your soulmate, certain factors can help you figure out what that person will be like. One such factor is the month of your birth.


Always looking out for the next adventure, you tend to live life king size. It is rare for you to stop and take a breather and you are always ready to leap without looking. You need someone who won’t fall behind and who can handle your larger than life presence.


Consistency is not your strong suit and you tend to make choices at random. No one knows what you’ll decide next, so your soulmate must be a person who accepts this part of you. You’re always up for something fun because you are deathly scared of monotony.


When you love, you love truly and completely. Your loved ones can always count on you when they need someone but you often forget to take care of yourself in the process. Your soulmate has to look after you and make sure that you don’t burn out.


Whenever there is a conflict of opinion, you’re always willing to compromise for the sake of others. This really wears you out after a point. Your soulmate will always let you be who you are without having to change yourself for them.


Your ambitions define you and every step you take is calculated to bring you closer to your dreams. Your soulmate will be a person who won’t be an obstacle on your path. They’ll encourage you to keep moving forward even if something gets you down.


As a person who tends to build high emotional walls, you find it very hard to open up to other people. So your soulmate will be a person who you’re comfortable sharing everything with. Their presence will calm you down and bring down your barriers.


Passionate and intense, you don’t do love by halves and you need someone who will love you with all their ferocity. You are ready and willing to express your love for them in all sorts of ways and you need someone who will be willing to put in that much effort in you.


You’re a borderline workaholic who tends to dream big and your partner needs to understand this. They have to be independent and not reliant on you because you need time to get all your work done.


Honesty and affection are your strong points. You tend to radiate warmth wherever you go but people keep taking advantage of your good heart. You need a person who will look out for you and never use your own personality against you. They’ll be respectful of your own wants and needs.


You tend to worry too much about other people’s opinions and you’re always trying to make everyone happy even though it makes you exhausted and anxious. Your soulmate will help you realize that you need to stop caring about these things and do the things you actually want to do.


There’s so much going on in your life that you keep forgetting to take some time out to relax. You are a hard worker but you tend to lose sight of the other things that matter in life. Your soulmate will always bring you back to yourself and help you see the lighter side of life.


Being as honest and sensitive as you are, not everybody can reciprocate with that kind of openness. Your soulmate needs to be someone who is willing and able to build up a trustful, intimate relationship between the two of you.

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