How Does HCG Diet Work?

Introduced in the 1950s, the HCG Diet is a combination of a low calorie diet and an injection of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in the body. A lot of people claim that following the diet can help you with significant weight loss of up to 1 lb in a day for a period of one month. This diet is based on research and has helped many individuals achieve significant weight loss over a period of time.

How does HCG diet work?

Before you begin with the diet, you need to understand how does it work. The hCG hormone is produced by the placenta during the period of pregnancy. The function of this hormone is to support the development of the fetal by assuring that energy is mobilized and is available for the growth of the fetus. The hormone can do this by affecting the structures of the primitive brain which controls the automatic functions of human body. There is a theory that the diencephalon could be overwhelmed due to imbalances or excessive stressors and it could be reset to a level which is highly tolerant to the inefficient use as well as fat storage. It could happen to you in the late thirties or early forties. It could also happen earlier if the calorie intake does not change and the level of exercise reduces significantly. There are basically three types of fat in human body. One is the structural fat which is the fat pad on the hands and feet, the other is normal fat which is stored for energy and the third is abnormal fat that is stored unnecessarily.

It is the abnormal fat which accumulates in the abdomen for men and on the hips for women. It is basically a reflection of the excessive calorie intake or the imbalance of metabolism. It is this fat which the body cannot access and use for the purpose of energy. This is where HCG can make a difference. The use of hCG can help overcome the problem. It can have an impact on the primitive control centers in the brain and will reduce the level of hunger. This will help maintain a low calorie diet without any hunger. It will help unlock the excess energy in your body and will provide you energy with lower calories and food intake. The HCG diet works by having the body run on this energy. In the article “Buy HCG Diet Drops | The Official”, Gary Preacher identifies different amino acids in HCG drops and explains how they improve the body’s ability to lose weight. This diet will combine a low calorie diet which is restricted to 500 calories per day and an injection of HCG.

Benefits of HCG diet 

1. High Metabolic function:

For a lot of diet programs, simply cutting back on the calorie will increase your hunger and you could feel like the body is starving. In HCG, the opposite happens, you will be asking your body to use the fat reserves inside your body as a source of energy and that will speed up the metabolic rate.

2. High energy:

There are a lot of people who suffer due to less energy and dieting can lead to feeling of hunger, exhaustion and irritability. When you are on an HCG diet, the body will release fat which is stored inside and it will then turn into energy. This will lead to an increase in your energy levels in only a few days.

3. Reduction of weight:

HCG will help burn all the excess fat present in your body. You will be able to get in shape and will burn the fat on your arms, waist, thighs, neck and butt.

4. Low cholesterol:

The HCG diet is made of a low calorie intake and it will reduce the blood cholesterol level. When you maintain healthy eating habits, it will reduce the chances of getting a heart disease.

5. Higher muscle integrity:

A lot of diets could help you lose weight quickly and could also cut on the muscle and fat. But when the dieting stops, you begin to gain fat and muscle is difficult to gain. With an HCG diet, you can preserve the muscle while releasing excess fats which are important for muscle building and for a healthy body.

6. Regulation of hormones:

HCG will balance the hormones inside your body. It releases sexual endocrines like testosterone that can improve the libido for men.

7. No hunger associated with the diet:

Many diets can promote intense hunger but HCG will not. It has an intake of 500 calories in a day and the injections can lead the body to use calories from excess fat so that you do not go through extreme sensations of hunger. You will be able to burn fat while having a daily calorie intake of 500. This will help develop healthy eating habits as you will not experience hunger often.

8. High endurance:

Once you start to lose weight, it will be possible for you to exercise more and with ease. It will be possible for you to work out for longer hours using the extra energy in your body. HCG injections will help you lose weight and will also give you a benefit of getting back on track so as to exercise easily.

Is it effective?

The effect of an HCG diet has been supported by medical professionals and it has been documented as well. However, it is very important to understand that the diet is not meant for everyone. If you want to lose a couple of pounds, this is not an ideal diet for you. It is for those individuals who want to lose substantial amount of weight and they have not been able to lose it through physical exercise and diet.

It is very important for you to speak to a medical professional before you start your diet. Every patient is different and the treatment decision will be different, hence it is important to have a fair evaluation of the benefits and risks of the treatment.

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