How the Lines on Your Hand Can Reveal Secrets About Your Life

Interpreting a person’s future by reading the lines on their palm is called palmistry. It’s a ritual that is practiced by many cultures across various countries. The reader looks at the lines and ridges to get readings. No one is quite sure where this practice began but many believe that it was first conducted by Indians in the ancient period before it spread to the rest of the world.

You don’t have to be a psychic to learn how to read palms. Keep reading to master some of the fundamentals of palmistry.

A person with pronounced lines will take a while to read. Observe the picture given and make sure that you can recognize the three most important lines – the heart line, the head line, the life line.

Pick a palm

Select a palm to start the reading from. If the person is female, take the right hand and if he is male, take the left hand. But when you need to pick a ‘present and past’ hand just take the hand the person writes with.

 1.The Heart Line

This usually extends from the little finger to the pointer finger. You can read about their romantic life and how they perceive it. When the line is clearly defined, curvy, and consistent throughout, it is a great line to have. If the line divides or slopes down, this person is ready to give up all that they have for their love.

But if it’s a small line or if it is not there at all, it could mean that the person is a narcissist. They do what they like without worrying about the consequences of their actions. If the line is longer than usual, it indicates that the person is honest to a fault. They’ll stick to their beliefs even if it breaks them to do so. But they will be quite successful in their careers.

 2.The Head Line

The next line to look at is the head line. It starts from the border of the palm, in the middle of the thumb and index finger. It runs to the middle of the palm like the Life line and is under the Heart line. It tells you about the wisdom of the person and their level of self control and so on.

When the line is deeply etched and slim, the person is wise and capable. If it is not long, the person is not quick on their feet and are ruled by their impulses. If it is longer than usual, the person is intelligent but tends to over think everything.

 3.The Life line

It starts at the same place as the Head line and goes on till the bottom of the thumb. It is mistakenly thought that this line tells you how long a person will live. It is actually a reflection of your health and the energies that flow within you. A person without this line will be sickly with bad immunity. When it is elongated and clear, the person’s immunity is excellent and they can resist most illnesses.

A thicker line means that the person will be good at tasks that are physically demanding. If it forms a semicircle around the thumb, the person is enthusiastic and energetic. But if it is too close to the thumb, the person has low stamina and will tire quickly. Some people also have a second line which runs alongside the Life line. These people heal very quickly and their immunity is especially strong. If there’s a small island on the line, it means that the person had a past illness.

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