‘Milk Does The Body Good’ Is The Biggest Lie You Have Ever Heard

Do you remember the campaign – “Milk… It Does the Body Good”? This campaign has brainwashed the public into thinking that this product is good for our health. Believing that there is no better source of calcium than milk to build strong bones is actually a myth.

The truth is that there are plenty non-dairy foods that are rich in calcium and can boost your health. Green vegetables such as cabbage, kale and broccoli have a calcium content that matches milk which makes them great to maintain bone health. Still, the dairy industry portrays milk as the best source of calcium.

The dairy industry is a huge business that runs ad campaigns in order to ensure that they are able to maintain their high profits. But, why don’t we have ads telling parents to feed their children green veggies? Well, there is much less profit to be made due the low price of the vegetables.

There are many reasons why you should not consume milk. According to the studies published in an article by PETA released on June 30th, 2015, drinking cow’s milk increases the risk of various cancers, including ovarian cancer and prostate.

The Swedish University Uppsala conducted a study that concluded not only looking at whether milk could improve bone health, but it might actually be damaging them.

Dairy cows are pumped with hormones and chemicals which later are filtered down into the milk you drink. There is also a pus and blood that is bleached to hide it, rather than removed. Every gallon of milk has a quantity of allowable pus, the industry is knowingly selling a product that they know is contaminated.

Please share this information, bringing the truth behind the well-crafted dairy industry marketing campaign to light. For more information watch the video below.

Source: Health Coach Code

14 comments on “‘Milk Does The Body Good’ Is The Biggest Lie You Have Ever Heard”

  1. fred says:

    I agree 2%

  2. Betty Tose says:

    This is mind blowing .Why is this not being made clear to the public?.A lot of the foods we eat contain milk so l will be shopping very carefully from now on.

    1. Andy says:

      Money. Why else?

  3. Sherri says:

    This is a Sick photo! Sure you could come up with something better?

    1. Smarty says:

      I think it’s extremely fitting.

  4. Linda says:

    I agree with this 100%. Unfortunately, money does speak volumes, and in this particular scenario in a negative way. The photo of the artwork is actually fitting, however sickening it may appear to be. It reminds me of the holocaust, which also was sickening, yet the latter reached most of mankinds hearts – whereas the inconsistency with food products does not.

  5. Gina Valdez says:

    Too much cow’s milk can destroy your thyroid. I’m glad I’m allergic to milk..

  6. Phillipa Day says:

    Aah you need to differentiate between INDUSTRIALIZED milk and RAW milk! Raw milk is very very good for you.

  7. Elaine says:

    Milk that the cow herd is not treated with bst and whatever else they actually allow not knowing the outcome should probably be shut down, but farms that believe in mother nature and not all these additives struggle to stay the true backbone of america for they get paid way less than a farm that gives there cows hormones and those hormones of some extent prolly end up in the milk you drink causing all those issues but to let a cow graze and be natural that’s a great glass of mother nature without all the additives small farms struggle but that would also be why as well !

  8. Ag says:

    I think you guys just want something to bitch about. Milk isn’t much different then canned veggies and stuff. My friend worked at a cannery and she seen a lot of stuff go into those cans with the veg. There were parts of mouse in there once she seen. There is a leeway on all that stuff read up on it. In my area BST is not allowed , it was made illegal for over a year. Now with sick cows mastitis is problem what they call puss. You have to treat cows with antibiotics to clear that up if not you will loose a quarter, or the cow could die. The milk is always tested before it leaves the farm for drugs . The milkman has to have the test turn out ok or he can’t take the milk. Also the drug bottles have hold dates- you have to dump the milk for that amount of days, until the drugs are out of the cows system. Also the man on video talks about milk and food born illness—-milk isn’t the only thing that sometimes makes you ill—-There is food recall on a lot of stuff even veggies, chicken and any any other foods even dog food and baby formula .I don’t think milk causes cancer. I think it’s other stuff like soda, kids drink so much of it now days and all preservatives in boxed and canned food. Years ago when you didn’t drink much of the sugar laden drinks and foods you didn’t have as much cancer . Also a lot of fast foods, people don’t eat much at home anymore. And that soy milk it shouldn’t be called milk it isn’t milk why don’t people get over this if you don’t want to drink it don’t, but don’t make up stuff that isn’t proven. Also farmers are not making a lot of money on milk. Most farmers are loosing their asses right now it’s been bad for 3 years or so. How would people. Like to loose 1/2 of their income like farmers because of low milk prices Milk—-is good for you’re body— that’s my option I wish people would stop complaining

  9. mary says:

    Animal milk isn’t necessary in the human diet. Humans are the only species that drink another species’ milk. Think about it…cows make milk to feed calves to make them fat.

  10. Rick Marchione says:

    Milk is a Hormone Growth product. Think, in relation to Cancer Cells. When at different times that Cancer was discovered in my parents their oncologists recommended that they eliminate milk from their diets. That was 35 plus years ago. Every one that I’ve know since, that has either been diagnosed or had a family member diagnosed had been milk drinkers, “not uncommon” and were advised to reduce or suspend their milk intake. My mother that had done so was a 35 year survivor of Breast Cancer before succumbing to natural causes at 93. I know of 3 other women of so. I stopped drinking milk 40 years ago. Knock on Wood.

  11. Ag says:

    Rick disagree with you. My brothers law died from cancer he never drank milk didn’t like the taste he had water in his cereal (I think that would taste terrible) l had a neighbor lady get breast cancer and died she never drank milk ever. I know another guy that always had soda never drank milk he died of cancer too. He ate a lot of junk food too What was the reason for your parents oncologists told them not to drink milk? And about milk drinkers getting cancer, you say, I think it’s a lot of the food and drinks they drink ==all the fast foods and pop, and all the junk food I have never had a doctor say anything but good about milk. My family 12 of us were always milk drinkers,none of us never have gotten cancer. Farmers who use hormones don’t get paid more for their milk.A lot of people who are not farmers shouldn’t believe all they are told farmers (most of them) take good care of those animals. Free stalls are nice the cows get to walk around and not be tied to one stall. A lot of farmers have sand for bedding in stalls to make it soft and have a easier time getting up, and with sand they don’t get sore hocks either. I mean if farmers didn’t care about their cows they wouldn’t spend the money on sand. Most farmers not all I’m sure take good care of their animals. They don’t beat the animals like a lot of people think. Also there are a lot of restriction for the farmers to follow. The inspector comes to the farm and checks it out, for cleanliness and other things like lighting in milk house, paper towels and make sure no cracks on the milk house floors. There can’t be any small leaks under doors and etc. A lot of stuff is sorta unnecessary the inspector writes anything wrong on the inspection sheet. You usually have 30 days to fix it other wise they can cancel your milkpermit.So many regulation to go by &alot of nonfarmers don’t know this. Go to a farm that gives tours and check it out.

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