New Scientific Research Shows That Gingers Are Genetic Superheros

Around 2% of the world’s population have red hair. Redheads or ‘gingers’ are quite rare and unique and they could also have some genetic superpowers.

According to Dr. Augustin Galopin who wrote Le Parfum de la Femme in 1886, the redhead women have some exceptional superpowers such as producing a unique aroma known with an earthy and sensual smell. They also have higher tolerance for pain, and require less vitamin D than the rest of us.

Here are some of the genetic superpowers that redheads have according to science:

Redheads Know When It Is Getting Cold

The University of Louisville discovered that redheads have exceptional gene called MC1R (human-temperature-feeling gene). When the gene is overactive the redheads feel extreme temperatures much more strongly than others. This makes them more sensitive to great temperature changes.

Redheads Handle Pain Better

According to a study conducted by the McGill University it was revealed that redhead women are 25% more tolerant to pain than the rest of the people. Another study done by the University of Louisville concluded that redheads need 20% more anesthesia than others. Well, that’s what we called a pain tolerance!

Redheads Don’t Need As Much Vitamin D

Redheads have ability to produce more vitamin D than people with other hair color. This superpower gives redheads an evolutionary benefit especially because a lack of Vitamin D can lead to arthritis and diabetes.

Red Is The Hardest Color To Hide

This is the easiest color to spot because red is a more intense shade. The bolder the color, the faster it will fade. The dye in the molecules found in red hair is larger than other color shades. These big molecules cannot penetrate the hair like the smaller ones and that’s why is very hard to hide the red.

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