Terra Cotta Creation Heats Your Room Without Electricity For 10 Cents Per Day

Have you seen that new terracotta idea that used a small candle to create a heat enough for a room and was designed to look like a cute flowerpot, and went viral entire the world? Well, here’s a chance if you didn’t see it! Except for now, there’s a new epic version that was more detailed and also went viral on Indigogo, it sold over 4 times than it was expected and there’s new several beautiful colors to suit your style, home décor and needs.  It also comes with a few bonus features that a flower pot may not come with.

If you like to see the original idea with the flowerpots, there’s a video that you’ll be interested in, it’s absolutely amazing to watch and it’s cheap, inexpensive way to make it yourself too, if you’re more on the creative side and doesn’t like to spend money on a product that you can do it yourself.

Take a look of these beautiful photos from the company Egloo who created this design. Egloo denies that the Ikea’s pack of 100 aluminium candles are the best ways to use for these cute heaters.

Once you light up the candles, Egloo heaters need five minutes to get to the proper temperature. They will warm up the 1st chamber storing heat (between 280 and 360 °F). The warmth is then transported to the next external covering (between 90 and 120 °F). The air intake of the external dome facilitates the outgoing of the warmth stored between the covers and it allows thermal exchange with the room environment. After 30 minutes the degree of the room will be increased by 35 to 37 °F and it’s a nice tool to keep your hands warm.

Although the heather is non-metallic, the insides of the Egloo heater has a grill that builds up the heat energy that transfers it. The terracotta material is ideal for this sort of heating because it stores the heat but releases it slowly, keeping the tool warmer for a longer time, which will also keep the environment warmer, for a longer time.  The first prototypes were built handcrafted, in order to assess the efficiency according to the shape and volume, and then be painted and glazed by hand. It’s recommended to use a maximum of 4 candles to avoid that concentrates a high level of temperature in the lower part. Lower quality candles may cause wax corrosion, there is a possible emission of harmful substances into the wax.

It’s also recommended to keep it a bit away from children because the top ceiling reaches temperatures between 30 and 50 Celsius degrees, and the heat can be too much for children’s hands. This cute warming tool should also be handled with care and not be moved around the rooms when it’s in use.

Using Egloo is simple, it takes only positioning of the small tea candles (Ikea candles are fine too) on the base and then insert the grill which the domes must be placed upon. After only 5 minutes the Egloo is heated and ready.

You can even use it to warm your coffee.

Warm your hands as well!

You can make the room smell good if you use herbs or incense oils, or try to cook on it, but it’s not that hot, so, stick to what’s best.

They come in various beautiful colors, look good, are affordable and will suit any kind of home décor that you are having. If you can’t afford it in the moment but have a will to do it on your own, the process is easy and simple, so watch a youtube video tutorial and have fun!

Source: Real Farmacy

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