The Number of Times You Fall in Love During Your Life Depends on Your Zodiac Sign

Love is important to almost all of us and that’s a given. But the way we treat love differs from person to person. Some believe that their first love should be their last love. Others fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat. Here’s what your experience of love will be like according to your zodiac sign.


Outgoing and bold, when you see love, you won’t miss out on your chance to get it. Love is as important as air to you and you respect the emotion intensely. This ensures that the first person you fall for will most likely be ‘the one’ for you.


You’re never happier than when you’re in love but you have commitment issues. All that built up passion within you leads to you falling for every other person you’re even mildly attracted to but you’re never very serious about them. You’ll have an intense experience of love about twice.


As friendly and open as you are, you tend to feel something for almost every person you meet and you seem to be unable to settle for one person. You’ll go through the process of love at least four times before you find the person you’re meant to be with.


Being as in love with love as you are, you are always ready for commitment. Unfortunately, being as sensitive as you are, your first relationship will end badly because your partner will try to use you. However you’ll do much better the second time around because you’ll be more balanced.


Even though you’re not really a sceptic about love, it is not the most important thing in your life. You want to get all that you can out of life before you commit to one person. However your pride will also be an obstacle for you and you’ll develop real feelings for another person about thrice.


The first time you’re in a relationship your perfectionism will get in the way of everything. But you will learn how to be adjusting and relaxed so that you’ll be better prepared when you fall in love for the second time.


For you, love is an opportunity to learn more about yourself as well as your partner. You want to make things work properly so you’ll be in love at least thrice in your life because you need time to build up your own confidence in the relationship.


Passionate and sexy, both these elements of your personality can complement your love for another person. But you’re a private person and your emotional walls need time to break down so you’ll get things right the third time around.


With your Sagittarian personality, you will end up falling in love many times. You value your personal freedom too highly to just settle down with one person.


Everything about you is just a little bit extra and this includes your competitiveness. You extend the latter to your relationships as well so you’ll only fall for one other person. Your competitiveness ensures that you’ll work as hard as you can and give everything you have to make sure that your love lasts.


Most people only need to fall in love two times to make it last. Though you don’t put a lot of stock in emotions, you are intelligent so when you fall in love the second time, you’ll use your brains to ensure that it lasts.


The one thing you’ve wanted all your life is a fairytale romance. At the same time, you’re scared that you’ll mess up a relationship. This makes you careful when it comes to love so when you do develop feelings for someone, they will be intense enough to last in the long term.

Which one are you?


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