The Sweetest and Most Awkward Moments You’ll Have When You Start Dating Someone

There’s a first time for everything in a relationship and while some of them can be clumsy, it doesn’t make them any less cute. It is these experiences that put the couple at ease with each other and strengthen the bond between the two of them.

Every new relationship is going to have some awkward, clumsy, and inelegant moments but rather than hiding away from them, embrace them and turn them into memories that both of you will cherish. These are some of the experiences you shouldn’t pass up on.

1. The First Encounter

While we all want a fairy tale like encounter for the first time we meet our significant others, it is much more likely to be awkward. But this just means that you’re both trying to make a good impression and that is adorable.

2. Going Out For The First Time

This one doesn’t always go as planned but use your mutual nervousness to get closer to each other. Just talk and laugh through it and you’ll soon think it is sweet rather than awkward.

3. Dealing With The Check

Figuring out who pays can get confusing and most of us would love some sort of unspoken agreement deciding this question. But this whole ritual is just one of the many that you go through before becoming a couple.

4. The First Time You Kiss

It is quite likely that you had an absolutely magical first kiss but there are times when it is just a very cautious kiss with which both of you are testing waters. Going in for a second one however could be one of the most memorable moments in your relationship.

5. Holding Hands

Though it sounds easy enough, making that first move when you’re out on a date can be really difficult. Your first time walking that way is going to be awkward too. But you’ll ease your way into it soon enough.

6. Sleeping Together

This is not about sex. It literally entails sleeping with another person with sleeping habits you have no idea about. Some walls are bound to come crashing down and you’ll definitely feel closer to each other when you see each other completely unguarded as you wake up.

7. Reaching Out On Social Media

Not a problem you’ll have if you met online but for those who didn’t, making that first virtual overture is hard. You aren’t sure whether you should send the first request, when you can put up pictures with each other and so on. It is a whole new world of awkwardness to navigate.

8. Farting

Everyone has to fart sometimes and if both of you don’t break out into laughter the first time you hear each other fart, something isn’t right. Nothing else will make you feel that free with another person.

9. Getting Drunk

Alcohol can really lower your barriers so drinking together for the first time can be quite an experience. It’s most likely not the prettiest experience you’ll have with each other but it is definitely one of the most memorable.

10. Introducing Your Partner To Someone Else

This is especially hard when you haven’t really talked about it yet. You’re not quite sure if you should introduce them as your boyfriend/girlfriend. But the way you do it can definitely bring up that discussion.

11. Going To The Loo In Their House

The first time you need to poop at their place can be really awkward. While it may not seem cute at the time, time will show how endearing you were when you tried to be as quiet and as fast as possible. These inhibitions will go soon enough.

12. Being Introduced To The Family

Some awkwardness always breaks out in these situations and you can never be sure how things will pan out. You are definitely going to mess up at some point but your partner’s parents might just find that adorable.

13. Falling Ill

Sickness can show you at your worst and it is definitely not pretty. But you will fall more in love with your partner the first time they care for you be it anything from a cold to indigestion.

14. Revealing Your Disgusting Habits

We’ve all done some less than hygienic things in our lives and it is different the first time you unconsciously bite your nails or eat something you dropped on the floor in front of your partner. If they really care about you, it will just be hilarious and adorable.

15. The First Mistake

This is only directed at the little things and not disasters like them being unfaithful. Imagine your partner decides to get you a dessert as a surprise but they get you that one thing you hate. Will you act like you love it or gently tell them the truth? Enjoy these moments while you can.

16. Offering Criticism

Your partner might seem perfect the first time you meet them but soon enough they’ll say or do something you don’t like and you might want to tell them that you don’t. Teasing them about a ratty t shirt or dreadful wallpaper can actually strengthen your relationship.

17. Discussing The Past

Conversations about your previous relationships are never easy but they are necessary. As difficult as it may be, this experience can actually bring you both closer together.

18. Crying In Front Of Each Other

Maybe he’ll start crying over a sentimental scene in a movie or you’ll get frustrated over a difficult task and break down. Either way snuggling in and comforting each other can actually make up for all that.

19. Buying Things For Each Other

How much is too much and how much is too little? Do you get something intimate or impersonal? Will they like it? There are a lot of questions here and the answers you think are right might be wrong but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them cute.

20. Having The Talk

Making your relationship official is probably one of the cheesiest and most awkward experiences you’ll have and it is the one you’ll never forget. Both of you might have a bit of starting trouble but you’re sure to seal the deal with a sweet kiss.

Let’s fall in love, shall we?

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