These Orthodontists love to cast a Smile on Kids’ faces—here’s how they do it

Don’t those innocent smug faces look super-duper cute when their uneven teeth shine right in front of our eyes? It is a sight to cherish, no doubt about that. But we have to think about times to come, and these uneven teeth won’t look so cute once they grow up, eh?

Our shining stars deserve to cast a smile as broad as possible, and Kids Happy Teeth has made it a mission to brighten up that smile even more. The pediatric dentistry and orthodontists sport a team of experienced, professional and affectionate Orthodontists who strive to brighten up your kid’s smile.

Housed in Atlanta, the Perimeter Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics takes care of children’s oral hygiene. This team of Orthodontists gel well with kids and walk them through the whole process of fixing their teeth which were misplaced in the first place.

We wanted to know how hard it is to work with kids. On the contrary, we got to see that it’s super-fun and exciting. These super-dentists shared how kids can keep that stellar smile, how Orthodontics is not just for adults and why braces aren’t as scary as they sound. Read away!

How to keep a Healthy Smile

You know your child is in pain and needs a visit to Orthodontist when s/he is going through any of these experiences:

  • Your little one is visibly in pain whenever s/he chews something as hard as a nut. This means that something’s up in the molars, do give your dentist a visit.
  • The champ is flushed and trembled by the idea of talking to someone else and smiling in front of someone.
  • If you look at your child’s teeth and find that they are misplaced. It’s about time that you visit the dentist and get them fixed.

When it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, it is crucial to ensure that your kid’s smile stays perfect as always. If your kid happily sticks to good oral health, then you won’t have to visit the Orthodontist’s office. But if you feel like your kid’s teeth are displaced even by a small fraction, do contact an Orthodontist to schedule an appointment.

Here are some basic tips to follow so that your kid’s smile is as bright as a diamond:
  • Clean up your kid’s teeth as soon as they start to show up. Your toddler’s little pearls can’t be ignored because s/he isn’t into chewing food.
  • Set up a good habit. Teach your kids to brush at least two times every day. Incubate the idea of oral hygiene in their minds, and they’ll never have to deal with teeth problems.
  • Although flossing is often ignored, this lost art of oral health keeps the teeth clean from all dirt. Teach your kids to floss every single day at least once.
  • Don’t spoil your kids by presenting them with sugary foodstuff; this would increase your visits to the dentist.
  • Do make it a point to take your kids to the dentist’s place for checkups from time to time. You don’t have to see a dentist only when something goes wrong.
Orthodontics—the Art of fixing a Child’s Smile

In a literal sense, Orthodontics is an art of preventing your child’s teeth from malfunctioning, falling off and arranging them in proper order. So if your kid has uneven teeth, an orthodontist can get them in order with the use of modern devices like braces. This is a very safe method, and props are easy to maintain, even for kids.

The amount of time your kid is going to wear braces depends on his/her situation. At one point of time, a set of teeth might get back on track in six to eight months, while some games of smiles take as much as thirty months to get the job done. Let your orthodontist take a call on this one, the Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontists know what is right for your kid.

Braces aren’t bad!

A misconception flows in every kid’s mind about braces—that they are a piece of demonic device that’s put in their mouth to stop them from eating candies. Well, that might or might not be true, but braces are beneficial for kids who need it.

There are many rumors and fears in children’s minds when it comes to braces. Some common questions that little ones ask are:

–    Does it hurt to wear braces?

It usually doesn’t hurt to wear braces at all if your kid is wearing them right. It takes a day or two for their little gums and teeth to get up to speed with props.

–    Do I still have to brush my teeth?

Brilliant question! Yes, there is a good chance that food will be stuck in places where only a brush could reach; brushing your kid’s teeth is the best way to get it out.

–    Are dental checkups necessary?

Wearing braces means that your kid would have to take intensive care of his/her teeth. The lads and lassies at Kids Happy Teeth understand that, and there are regular orthodontist-visits to ensure that braces are working right or not. Also, keeping your kid’s teeth clean is a more formidable task with props on. Regular checkups clean at places where the toothbrush won’t reach.

But, is it covered under Insurance?

Yes, your kid’s insurance plan very much includes orthodontist’s checkups and treatments. The Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontists has a section on its website where you can find out whether your child’s insurance plan covers it or not.

The Bottom-jaw-line

All things said and done, if you feel that your child’s teeth look “funny,” but you believe that they’ll be fine when s/he grows up, don’t leave it to fate. Consult the Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontists immediately to schedule an appointment today. You can find the contact details at Kids Happy Teeth.

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