You Are Already Your Own Boyfriend If You’re Showing These 10 Signs

In a relationship, you get help just next to you. You have someone beside you who can aid you with things, and of course, two minds are better than one. But often, when we go solo, life becomes difficult. We have relied so long on another person, that we find doing things on our own a major problem.

But don’t worry. If you’re single for too long, you’re going to learn that you don’t really need an extra pair of hands. You can be strong and independent. You can start being your own boyfriend, by doing any of these:

1. Cooking is your thing

Cooking is no longer a problem for you. You have developed your skill as a great chef for you at least. And if cooking is a bit difficult, you can have your own choice of takeaway. Whenever you have a desire for something, you can just get on with cooking. You know you can do it without help.

2. Working with the tools

Is your computer starting to mess up? You go for troubleshooting yourself without looking around for any man. If your car breaks down, you get your hands dirty and start fixing it. If there’s something broken in your house, don’t worry – you can easily get it fixed on your own. You’ve become a good handywoman. There’s no need for a man anymore.

3. Become an insecticide

The creepy crawlies are in your bathroom. What’re you going to do? Gone are the days when you’re looking for a man around. Get the spray and aim it at the ugly cockroach peeping out of the bathroom door. Is there a spider beside the table? Roll the newspaper and smack it to death. Be brave and strong – these creepy-crawlies can’t hurt you.

4. Lifting weights

Groceries are tough to carry but if other people can do it, why can’t we? There’s no need for a boyfriend to come in our life just to carry groceries. We can do it ourselves. For heavy lifting, we can now rely on our strength and do things just the way we want.

5. Clothes are for you, not for anyone else

You go to the store and get clothes only for you. Previously, you might have gone to the store with your boyfriend. You may have chosen those specific dresses which you know would’ve pleased your lover. Even your makeup was based on how he looked at you. Now, you’re taking a step back and doing everything for yourself. No need for another opinion, this is for your own self-image.

6. You have gone independent

If you are really getting the term ‘independent’ thrown along with your name as a description, it means you’re already showing the world that you can do it yourself. Everyone is praising you for how well you can take care of yourself without needing anyone. That’s really special!

7. Movie date with yourself

There’s a great movie at your local theatre – what are you going to do? You don’t need to find a date just so you can enjoy a movie. You can call up your friends and try to get someone to come along with you on this movie date. If they are too busy to come over that doesn’t really matter to you anymore. You can go down to the theatre alone and enjoy the movie yourself – no worry.

8. Treating with gifts

You have come to realize that gifts are not something only another person can give. You have learned to treat yourself with gifts. Your birthday’s coming up – don’t expect lavish gifts from others. Order something and get it for yourself. It’s self-love that we often forget to do.

9. You’ve fallen in love with yourself

If it has been a long time since you’ve had a relationship, you’re starting to fall in love with yourself. There is no longer any need to look for love outside. All the love you need, you can find it inside you and that’s what you need.

10. Your own boss

It’s your life, you are in control. No one will decide anything for you. You choose something, you don’t have to discuss it. It’s your choice, you are held accountable for it and you know it. You don’t expect accountability from others either. You are the boss of your own life.

Independence is freedom. We can do whatever we want and don’t have to wonder what someone else will think about it. You go, girl – own the world!

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