5 Great Books That Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read

There isn’t a person in this world that hasn’t heard about Bill Gates-tech expert, Microsoft founder, climate crusader, venture philanthropist, scientific connoisseur and voracious reader.

Gates is a true fan of science books and he has given us a list of the 5 books he thinks everyone should read.

In no particular order, here are the 5 science-flavored books Gates strongly recommends:

1.Sapiens” – Noah Yuval Harari

Read the story about the entire evolutionary history of the human species, spread on 400 pages. The book also features insights about the past and potential futures.

Although Gates doesn’t agree with some of the claims in the book, he strongly advises you to read it.

2. The Vital Question” – Nick Lane

This piece of literature explores the connection between energy and life. The book explores the links between disease and the powerhouses of our cells.

“This is one of those original thinkers who make you say, more people should know about this guy’s work,” says Gates about the author.

3.The Sixth Extinction” – Elizabeth Kolbert

“The Sixth Extinction” explains how humanity is bringing the latest mass extinction on Earth, the most extreme one in history. The book has won the Pulitzer Prize.

4. I Contain Multitudes” – Ed Yong

This book by Yong is about the discovery and the evolution of our understanding of the microbiome.

The book explains that our body is half composed of human cells and clarifies why viruses and bacteria influence our health and behavior.

5. The Man Who Fed the World” – Leon Hesser

The book follows the life and work of Normal Borlaug, doctor that saved billions of people from dying of starvation.

Dr. Normal is a humanitarian and agronomist who really contributed to the Green Revolution.

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