10 Bad Texting Habits That Will Make Him Lose Interest

The virtual age is upon us. In the age of long-distance relationships and Tinder, the way you text can make or break your relationship.  Your texting style says more about you than you think; your texts can actually up your game and make you appear attractive to your crush. Likewise, a texting style reeking of desperation has the power to turn him off. So, if you are really into him and want to woo him badly, make sure you avoid the following texting mistakes.

1.Long Waits

Making him wait too long is a passe in this age of zero-patience. Do not take too long to reply to his texts if you have the time. Gone are the days when men went mad over hard-to-get girls. He will simply move on to the next girl.

2.Overuse of Emojis

Emojis are meant to add colour to your conversation; not replace it. If your crush wants to know you better, he would prefer what you have to say instead of random stickers that leave so much unsaid. It also sends the wrong cues that you are too lazy to type, or worse, not interested enough.

3.Ignoring Compliments

If your love interest compliments you, accept the compliment and acknowledge it. Do not overlook it; Instead, make sure he knows that you adore the fact that he is expressing his admiration for you.


This is a total no-no, if you do not wish to appear desperate. If he is not responding immediately, do not keep bombarding him with follow-up texts. Chances are that he is busy and will get back to you when he has the time.

5.Texting Him When He is Busy

If you know he is busy, do not badger him with texts. Accept the fact that he has a life of his own beyond you and let him do his work in peace. Over-texting makes you appear like a control freak and he would lose interest in no time.

6.Reach Out

If you are genuinely interested in him, let him know that. Do not wait for him to text you all the time. Take the initiative sometimes without waiting for him to make a move.

7.Poor Writing Skills

You might want to make sure the prediction is on if you are unsure about your grammar and spellings. Too many mistakes can be a huge turn-off for your crush. It gives a sense that you are not polished enough. Same goes with typos; too many of them make you look lousy.

8.Texting in Block Letters

Having to read entire texts in capital can be one of the most irritating experiences. It sounds angry and goes against the decorum of the world of texts. If you are doing this, you can’t complain if he isn’t responding anymore.


It is not healthy to jump the gun and oversharing details of your private life before the comfort level between both of you has gone up significantly. Bombarding him with intimate details of your life too fast can lead to unwanted awkwardness on his part.

10.Breaking up a Message

Do not break up a sentence into multiple texts. It is not a good idea when you want him to be excited about what you are texting and communication between you two to be effortless.

If you happen to have one of these habits, avoid them and see your texts transform into an actual date. Till then, Happy Texting!

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