10 Explanations Why You Should Be Cooking With Your Partner

What are the things that you think of when you think of a couple activity? We are somewhat certain that it might be things like trips, exercising, going on dates, etc. Those, of course, are the ones that we generally get to see in books, comics, movies and oh well everywhere! But you know what is rather underrated? Cooking together!

If there is something that every living thing on this planet has to do, that is, eat! We all need food to survive. But there are a number of people who prefer to dine out rather than have a day in, cooking with their significant other at home.

The usual excuse for which is that they do not have the time to cook, but then again, there certainly are a lot of things you can cook in almost no time. So it might be worth taking some time out and have a fun day in and whip up a storm in the kitchen with your partner.

1.Cooking brings people together

It is a wonderful opportunity to get closer with your loved one. As well as a great chance to witness different facets of each other which you might have not known about earlier.

2.True happiness is from the stomach

A lot of us get cranky when we are hungry, which takes a U-turn when we are well fed. So it suffices to say that food brings happiness, and happiness, on the other hand, is doubled when shared with others. In this case, it is with your significant other when you cook and eat with them.

3.It aids understanding

When you see someone cook, you witness a lot of their skills in action. Also with that, a lot of their personality traits are also brought out to the forefront. It is possible to decipher if someone is adventurous to try new things if they are open to trying new foods or new cooking techniques or recipes.

4.Gain knowledge and expertise together

When you and your significant other cook together, you both are part of a learning process that it brings, together. In fact, cooking is one of the most important skills that you should learn to master. So doing it with someone you love gives both of you support and encouragement to learn and better it further.

5.More quality time with your partner

If your partner and you are both busy people, cooking together is a useful way to spend some quality time doing something which both of you can benefit from and enjoy. It can take from 15 minutes to more than 45 minutes to making a meal, which is a good chunk of time engaging in doing something as a team.

6.It keeps both of you engaged and away from tapping away

Paying attention to food while it’s cooking is very important, lest there is an accident, the food burns or tastes awful. It is time spent away from being distracted by cellular devices and perhaps meaningfully communicating with your loved one.

7.Eating better and living better collectively

Cooking your own food gives you a much better control over what you want to eat and what you want to avoid. So it is much easier to try and cook healthy food which is beneficial for both you and your partner.

8.You familiarize yourself with your place

If you never cook food, you are obviously unlikely to know how your kitchen might be organized or what foods you are running low on. But when you start cooking, it makes you a lot more aware of how, what, and where everything in your kitchen is.

9.Promotes healthy gender neutrality

Cooking is something which everyone, regardless of age, gender, social position, or any distinction whatsoever should know. The absurd thought that women should be responsible for cooking at home is still rampant across the globe, even though there are scores of super famous and successful male chefs as well as female chefs. Cooking food with your significant other will remove this one stupid gender bias from your lives.

10.Effective stress reliever

Cooking is a form of recreation for a lot of people. Especially after arriving at your place after a long tiresome day, it is super satisfying to enjoy a meal that you prepare exactly how you want it.

Definitely made you hungry, didn’t it? Go cook something and nom nom away with your significant other!

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