10 Phrases You Should Never Say to a Sensitive Woman

We all know at least one sensitive woman who we are close to. She’s someone who’s remarkably caring and protective of us. But at the same time sensitive people seem to be extremely complicated and difficult to penetrate. That’s because they are very sensitive and are mostly grappling with their own emotions.

They are very private about their emotions and are continously coping with their countless thoughts and feelings. Their calmness is only a demeanour they maintain to conceal their inner turmoil.

10 Phrases that you don’t say to a woman with high sensitivty:

1. “Don’t be so emotional!”

Never tell say this to a person with high sensitivity. This is their most natural behaviour and depreiving them of this will be incorrect. According to psychological facts, this trait is found in approximately 20% of people. It’s not an act that they put up.

2. “Why are you so slow with everything?”

People with high sensitivity take time to process things around them. Have patience with them instead of rushing them through each activity. They proceed with caution and thoughtfulness and it can be exhausting for them.

3. “Why do you pause so often?”

People with HSP are not incompetent, they need time to make decisions and act on them. They take frequent breaks between tasks since they rely on their instincts and are not impulsive.

4. “Why do you make things difficult for yourself?”

Sensitive people are often trapped in situations that they find difficult to deal with. They do not plan this. At this time they need your absolute support and comfort.

5. “Stop whining!”

Never criticize a sensitive person for their complaints. They need someone to vent out their feelings to. If you depreive them of their basic expression they will isolate themselves from you.

6. “You are just an attention seeker!”

On the contrary! People with high sensitivity keep themselves aloof from others. They resent being in the limelight so don’t condemn their need for love and attention.

7. “You overthink about everything.”

How can you expect a person with high sensitivity to brood over things. It is their most natural behaviour. They like to experience every emotion to its utmost degree.

8. “Why don’t you have more friends?”

People with high sensitivity have a selective group of friends that they maintain throughout their lifetime. They may socialize with people but they truly connect with only few of them.

9. “Don’t hype everything!”

HSPs are receptive to everything around them. This often leaves them with too many emotions and thoughts to deal with. They analyse all these feelings with closeness and it can be very exhausting for them too.

10. “Deal with the situation, already!”

Never tell HSPs to deal with the situation themselves. If they could, and believe me they have tried already, they would not have told you about it. Comfort them and empathise with them.

If you want your friend to stay with you, then you will have to learn to be more sensitive around her.

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