10 Things That Women Want But Would Never Tell Their Man

It’s quite known that women are better when they need to express themselves but they sometimes also endure some difficulties when they need to say something out loud but feel that have no voice to. They do expect their partners to be attentive for these needs (which they should) but don’t explicitly speak about those things. Not all of these should apply but these are most of the things that women stay silent about and expect their partner to notice and figure it out himself.

1. Be proud of me

Every woman wants to feel that their man is proud of them. They want to hear that their men are happy and content and that they appreciate their efforts they put into their relationship. The woman will not say it out loud but wants to feel that their significant other is happy with them and loves them, and makes them proud to be with her.

2. Protect me

By protection women don’t mean physical or financial protection but spiritual and emotional protection. Women wish their partner would know when they are down so they can help them easily get back on their feet. They want to know if the partner feels what’s happening inside of them, because if they don’t that means they’re not connected as well as they need to be.

3. I deserve your attention

This applies to both of the parties actually. We all deserve attention and we want attention from our loved ones. Women want to feel that their partner is attentive to them, hears them, pays attention to what they say, to their emotions, because it’s showing care for them and makes them their priority. The moment when women find out that their men doesn’t care about them (by being inattentive to them) they start to lose interest, and this may fail the relationship.

4. Talk to me, communicate

Men have difficulties expressing themselves rather than women. This can be also a really negative side for the men, because they subdue their emotions and dig them deep underneath their surface. Women want to help you express your emotions, and want to communicate because that’s the main source of a steady and healthy relationship.

5. Help me

We are here together in this world, both women and men, and we cannot separate and do things alone. Women want your help. She is after all your closest one, your significant one and priority, that’s how it should be. When she needs help, you should be there to help her out as best as you can. Be it a simple task like taking the groceries or something that she deals with, be attentive and helpful.

6. I may need a break

Women want some time for themselves. She may wish to isolate and contain her thoughts a bit. Be respectful, she doesn’t mean that she wants to break up with you, but a moment of isolation will help her get together and will recharge her. She’ll be back stronger and happier once she has figured her thoughts out.

7. Lead when I can’t

A relationship is based on equality and most women are far stronger than they think they are. If she leads, she leads, but she also wants their partner to lead when they can’t at times. In this moment you need to step front and take care of the leading role, just like she does it when she’s the leader. This way women will know that you don’t depend on her and the relationship is healthy.

8. I need intimacy

Women need intimacy, whether it’s emotional, physical or mental. She wants some things that should be for herself and herself only. Don’t be nosy on her, give her a free space. She’ll trust you more.

9. Be thoughtful

This applies for both partners. Women want their partner to be thoughtful over their needs, ambitions, wishes, goals and so on. They expect their partner to support them emotionally and just be more thoughtful over her.

10. Accept my imperfections

We all tend to create a perfect image of our partner and when they hit us with a flaw we get disappointed. We should all accept that we all have flaws, both men and women should accept them as who they are, and work on them together to become better together. Instead of bashing her flaws, accept them. We are all who we are, we should work together to improve ourselves for our best.

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