10 Ways to Reset Your Wife When She’s Falling Apart

Women run the world. They are wives, mothers, sisters, friends, lovers and we should all respect them.

Being a wife and mother is the hardest job in the world, yet the most extraordinary and fulfilling experience. Women are so busy caring for their children and husbands and they easily forget their own dreams, desires and needs.

If you’re a woman reading this article, all this means for you. You should make balance being a mother and wife and take care of yourself, first and foremost. If you don’t, you risk losing balance. The more you give to others and the more you sacrifice without giving to yourself, the more out of balance and out of control your life can feel. Please know that you are not alone.

To the husbands. Your wife needs you; she can’t walk the path of life alone. When she falls, you need you to catch her, and help her stand tall, to hold her tight when she goes through hard times.

Here is how husbands can help their wives when they are stressed or overwhelmed:

1. Be aware of her responsibilities

If your wife doesn’t go to work, it doesn’t mean she lay down and does nothing. Her to-do list is probably overflowing with tasks that take her time and energy. Be respectful to her, and appreciate her time and needs.

2. You should be a parent too 

It takes two to raise children. Be an active participant in your marriage if you want to work out. You should be fully involved in every aspect of your family life. Work is hard, but you should always find a time for your kids and wife.

3. Listen to your wife

Just listen to her. That’s all you need to do. Stop trying to fix her problems if she didn’t ask you to do that.

4. Let her talk for as long as she needs

If you think your wife has been stressed lately, the best way to help is to talk to her. Let your wife tell her thoughts and feelings. Show empathy. Ask questions if needed and listen carefully. You should be fully engaged in the conversation.

5. Get involved before she breaks down

Start helping your wife as soon as you noticed something is wrong. Don’t wait until she burns out to offer a helping hand.

6. Be useful

Ask her if she needs some extra hands while cleaning or washing the dishes. Start looking around the house and find things that need to get done. Don’t wait to be asked. Just do it!

7. Be a partner

Marriage is a commitment. Marriage is to carry one another’s burdens, to cry together and give support one to another. Being a husband also means being a lover and a friend. You aren’t just two people living together; you are a union.

8. Give her hope

If she is nervous or sad, encourage her. Stop being critical or negative, that way you will just make the things worse. Give her hope to see the good in any situation.

9. Give her a day all to herself

Sometimes, your wife needs a whole day just for her. Let her have that pleasure. Support her and take over her day-to-day tasks, so she can have time to take care of herself.

10. Hold her

Find time to tell your wife how much you love her while holding her in your arms. Comfort her the best way you know.

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