10 Ways to Know You Might Be in Love With the Wrong Person

Since the movie industry has fed us so many stories about true love and the concept of “The One”, it has become an ideal notion that a lot of us strive to achieve by hook or by crook. In turn, we mistake people who are wrong for us to be that special someone. Sometimes, it is this very infatuation with that very ideal notion that we become blind to a lot of red flags which might have evidently popped up. So it is very important to not let this obsession with finding “the one” blind us to the things which tell us otherwise.

They Do Not Share the Same Feelings

One key indication of knowing that you might be chasing the wrong one is when you are doing most of the work. It is essential for both partners to put in their best efforts to make a relationship work. But if it is on the shoulders of just one person while the other lazes off or does not engage in refining their relationship, is a clear sign that the latter just does not care. If the amount of effort of both partners put in is unfairly disproportionate, it is of course time to call it quits.

Excuses Are Their Best Friend

It is obvious that if someone has a readily available “justification” all the time for not putting in effort into the relationship, they are just not interested. It should be well known that if your partner values you, they will make time for you.

Different Principles

There is no harm if the opinions of two people on certain matters are different. But in order for a relationship to work well, it is vital for the basic principles of two people to be aligned on the same plane. Otherwise, it would be difficult for two people to find common grounds to relate and communicate effectively with each other.

Superficial Connection

It is not possible to have profound bonds with all the people that you might consider close. But it is vital to engage in deep and meaningful communication with your significant other. The meaning of which is obviously not limited to just knowing facts about the other person but to understand them on a deeper, perhaps platonic level.

Useless Fights

Generic fighting is mundane, even rather encouraged, since it is part of being a human. But in the event that these fights remain unresolved, it will cause problems later on. Holding grudges, brooding over a problem, taking it out on the other person, are precursors to a bitter relationship.

Withholding Information

No relationship can survive if there is no trust between the two partners. It is definitely worth noticing if you are keeping secrets from your significant other. On the contrary, it is also questionable if your companion is holding off things too. It is always beneficial to be transparent, for both the individuals.

Bringing Up The Past

As important as it is to learn from past mistakes, it is a toxic habit to harp upon the mistakes of the past. It will make your partner feel inadequate and after a point, disinterested in improving if you hit them with their past mistakes. Likewise, it is also problematic if your partner keeps highlighting your past mistakes.

Where Is The Future?

If you are just not interested in envisioning your partner in the future that you see for yourself, then it might be worth taking time to think about why that is so. Similarly, if your partner does not see you in their future, it is for the very best to start questioning the viability of the relationship.

Feeling Insecure

A relationship is supposed to be a stable bond which can stand the test of time and other things that are thrown at it. But if the slightest inconvenience makes you question the survival of the relationship, it is definitely far from ideal.

You Think You Are Happy

Just like everything else in life, every relationship will come with its baggage, which is a normal thing. But if the bond makes you chronically unhappy because of which you have to force yourself to think that you are happy is something worth taking a look into.

Think your relationship is not the right one? We sure hope not. But even if it is not going right, you can always have a fresh start! But hey, if you do not have any problems, that is awesome! Spread the love!

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