A $100-Million Startup Plan to Put Tiny Chip Into Human Brains to Enhance Intelligence

Have you ever asked yourself, if there is anything that could enhance your memories and make you get super abilities, would you try it?

Bryan Johnson believes that in the next 15 years humans will be able to expand their brain’s natural abilities and he gave $100 million in a new project to make this happen. His new startup plan Kernel also called “human intelligence (HI) company,” will develop new tech to treat neurological diseases.

According to Johnson researchers should develop tools for the brain that will allow every human to “pose any question we wanted”.

“For example, could I have a perfect memory?” asked Johnson. “Could I delete my memories? Could I increase my rate of learning, could I have brain to brain communication? Imagine a scenario where I say ‘I want to know what it’s like to be a cowboy in the American west in the 1800s?’ and someone creates that experience mentally. I’m able to take that and purchase that from that person and experience that,” says Bryan.

A new tiny implantable chip will be invented that will help people with brain damages like Alzheimer’s disease. This chip is called a “neuroprosthetic” and it will be developed for the purpose of the brain’s cognitive enhancement.

“To further explore our own human boundaries, a wave of new technologies needs to emerge that can access, read, and write from the most powerful tool we have — the human brain,” said from the company.

What do you think? Would Bryan succeed in his plan?

Source: BigThink

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