11 Secret Things That You Can Hide from Your Partner

We’ve all come across articles in a magazine that strictly instructs you to share everything with your partner. But hey, don’t believe them entirely. There are actually things that you can keep only to yourself without any guilt in you.

Now unless there are secrets like substance abuse or something equally serious, please share it with your partner. Else, it’s okay to keep a bit of you mysteriously hidden in a relationship.

Here is a list of few such things:

1. Your love life was better before

Your partner really doesn’t want to know that you’ve had a comparatively better love life in your past. And obviously, there wasn’t as much emotional connection in it as it is in the one that you’re presently in.

2. The number of people you have slept with

There’s no achievement in listing the number of people you’ve had slept with, nor other details about it. Now unless you’ve encountered STI in the process, then you must definitely tell your partner about it. Kindly don’t hide that information.

3. Something about them that’s not liked by you but they can’t change it either

There are always some things about our partners that we don’t like, but if we start pinpointing it all the time, it’ll definitely piss them off. Instead, give a healthy criticism that’ll help them grow. Don’t try to alter their natural attributes.

4. In case you don’t like any member of their family

It’s very difficult to like each and every member of your partner’s family. But you don’t have to fall in love with them either. It’s okay to dislike someone yet you needn’t emphasize on it in front of your partner. It’s disrespectful.

5. Where does your money go

It’s your money and it’s your choice how you want to spend it. You needn’t tell your partner about each expense that you make unless that’s leading you into debts. In such a case, share the information with them to find a solution to it.

6. Your ex had some characteristics more appealing than them

You need to appreciate individual characteristics in a person. Unless you do that, you’ll always be comparing people and never be satisfied with anyone. Accept the person you’re with for who they are.

7. In case you find their friend to be more attractive

Well, it’s okay to have friends who’re better looking. But that really doesn’t mean that you’re going to repeatedly tell your partner how their friend is better looking. It’s like demeaning your relationship too.

8. They must shed weight

Yeah, you may have the best looking body in your friend circle but that doesn’t mean that you’ll body shame your partner. If you really think that their body weight could develop into a health issue or something that’s bothering you, then try constructive criticism. Talking sensitively about it is the way to go.

9. Initially, you didn’t find them attractive

It’s okay if you took your time to fall in love with your partner, you don’t have to declare it to them repeatedly. Saying it over and over again doesn’t make them feel any better about themselves, so stop behaving in a pricy manner.

10. You still have emotions for your ex

Please, never ever tell your partner about this. It’s possible that you’ll take a lot of time to forget about your ex completely, but don’t tell your partner about it. It’ll add unwanted insecurities in the relationship that’ll take a lifetime to fade.

Instead, spend some time with yourself to figure out how you’re going to resolve your feelings for your ex.

11. Things that your family and friends don’t like about them

Next time you’re planning to share your close ones opinion about your partner and something that isn’t positive, put a filter right there. It’ll make them so conscious around your people that there’ll be unwanted tension always.

Be careful about what you say to your partner, words have a lingering effect long after they’ve been uttered.

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