12 Efficient and Effective Uses of Wine Aside from Drinking

Wine is one of the most versatile ingredients and materials you could quickly find at home. It is not only a liquor. It can also be used on cooking, cleaning, bathing and even driving a car. For your interests, here is a list of various uses your good ol’ leftover vino that will surely give you convenience.


His Royal Highness, Prince Charles of Wales converted an Aston Martin to run on biofuel, rather than fossil fuels, from a mixture of leftover wine and other substances to reduce carbon emissions. Ordinary people could do this too, perhaps not on fancy cars, through using pre-made wine bio-ethanol or making it ourselves.

Bruise Treatment

Have you heard an old tale about placing bread soaked from wine on bruised skin could fasten the bruise’s healing process? Guess what, it is effective and legit. Wine has flavonoids that could help in relieving inflamed body tissues.

They might do it like soaking bread on wine before, but now you just need to soak a cotton pad in red wines and gently apply it on bumps and bruises. You could also mix parsley and wine using mortar and pestle and immediately spread it on the affected area.

Countertop Cleaner and Grease Remover

The alcohol on white wine could help remove stains as well as kill germs. Use leftover wines to clean your counters in your kitchen. You could also use wine to remove driveway stains. Also, it could disinfect a bit. Mix leftover wine with water and wipe it on places you wanted to be cleansed.

Fabric Dye

You probably know how good looking a red stain on a piece of fabric. So why not purposely use it on your clothes? Heat a pot full of red wine until simmering. Stir your chosen garment on it. You could also use rubber bands to make funky tie-dye patterns. Rinse the wined garment afterward.


Wine is a living and breathing thing. Wines tend to ferment and change their chemical composition as time passes by. Hence, wines could be added on your backyard compost heap to better decomposition, making scraps mulch.

Hair Color

Any red wines like those from Louis-Claude Desvignes Morgon Javernieres Les Impenitents would bring temporary yet rich red hue on dark hairs or brunettes. To make it happen, mix cocoa powder with wine until becoming a paste. Apply on your hair and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing. Use gloves when applying the mixture on your hair as it could stain skin.

Hair Conditioner

Incorporate red wine in your hair wash routine. Red wines have resveratrol, which is a component that could prevent hair loss. You could first apply the shampoo of your choice. Then, condition your hair with red wine and your own conditioner before rinsing.

Insect Trap

Flies are attracted to fruity odors like fermentations agents found in wines. To trap insects, leave a glass of wine and place a funnel-shaped sheet inside it. Make a few pin-pricked holes on it to leave a scent that could lure flies inside the glass. However, flies would find a hard time to go out, so they would be trapped in the glass and will be drowned in alcohol.

Paint Color

You could paint with red wine due to its natural and rich reddish hue. Heat the wine for 10-12 minutes. Let it cool before starting to paint. After painting, seal it with a matte spray to prevent dust from sticking on the painted surface.

Skin Treatment

Vinotherapy or immersing one body on red wine has been one of the prominent skin-softening regimes. This is because wines have phytophenols, procyanidins, and resveratrol that prevent aging. Also, the acidity on it could work as a toner. Simply pour leftover wine on a tub, rather than being intoxicated by it when drinking.

Veggie Cleaner

The alcohol in wines tends to remove impurities better than water. It could kill infamous bacteria or types of foodborne pathogens like salmonella and E. coli. Grab a spray bottle and add wine in it. Use the spray to clean fruits and vegetables. The bitter the wine, the better it would disinfect.


Instead of purchasing red wine vinegar, make a fresh vinegar by yourself instead. Anyway, a wine that has gone bad is halfway to becoming vinegar. Among all, this is the easiest one to do because you do not need to do something. Just leave a bottle of leftover wine on its own. After a few weeks, it will turn into vinegar.


We strive to live life more manageable. Many individuals have been looking for something versatile enough to be used in many transformative ways. Fortunately, both red and white wines could be alternatives to what is lacking in your house.

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