12 Things We Keep Forgetting That We Should Thank Our Mom For

Our mother has been here for us most of the time and was our big support in our lives. We often take her for granted, because if she was with us through our lifeline, she’s going to be there the rest of the time right? Not really.

There are so many simple things, things that our mothers have helped us when she was in need. For example, how many of you thought of your mother when you cannot find something and you’re pretty sure that you put it right on the table, but only your mother has the superpower to see it for you? Or to more serious stuff, when you made her cry but she still managed to forgive you and love you like it has never happened before? Well, here are 12 things that we should thank our mothers for, because they’re the saviors of our day.

1. Forgives every single mistake of yours

How many times you’ve hurt her, knowingly or unknowingly? Her soul is pure and she loves you more than she loves herself. She may be mad, but she’ll always forgive you.

2. She is everything you want

When you’re feeling down, when your partner left you, or when you made it good. She’s always there, your best friend, your motivator, your fashion consultant, instructor, inspector, your therapist, your guide and advisor. Everything in one person.

3. Always has an ear for your drama

When your friends ditch you, when something happens at school or if you’re just too sassy and petty when something happens – she’s your ear to your drama. Even though it’s all meaningless.

4. She becomes a lioness for you

She can scold you if she thinks you need some scolding all day long, but no one can drop something bad about you in front of her. She protects you like a lioness protects her little cubs.

5. Countless things that you have but never needed them in the first place

Like every time you stood in the store thinking that you need something that you already have (okay, similar), or it looked good but you didn’t actually need it, so she bought it for you and cut off your expenses.

6. The delicious food she cooks

No home is a home without mom’s full plates of absolute haven made home food. She’s the best cook, and no one can match her skills. She’s amazing and you know it.

7. Toleration your rebellious phase

That is something that you need a lot of nerve to endure. Puberty is a tough period and your mother did her best to handle your worst times of growing up.

8. She will always believe in you

The only person who wants the best for you is your parents, especially your mother. No matter how big your dreams might seem, she will always support you and believe in your power to make them reality.

9. The source of constant encouragement

She allows you to participate in events where you improve your skills.

10. Taking care of the whole family

She cooks, she cleans, she keeps you save, she motivates you, and she scolds you (for your own good) she cares for you when you’re sick… And not just for you, she does this for the whole family.

11. Convincing your father

The only person who can convince your father about almost everything. She already turned his world upside down when she met her, she’ll do it countless times for you.

12. For everything that she can do

She puts herself down and puts you up first. She can do things that we cannot imagine doing ourselves. You are her first priority.

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