12 Things to Know If You Love an Over-Thinker

Maybe overthinking doesn’t sound like a big problem to you, but trust me after reading this article you will think it’s completely opposite.

Overthinking can cause indecision, anxiety, stress and insecurity. Being a chronic over-thinker is difficult and loving one can be even more so.

Here are the things you should know if you are in a relationship with the great thinker:

1. Telling your partner to stop thinking too much is like telling them to stop breathing. This is not a good idea.

2. An over-thinker appreciates honesty, transparency and of course loyalty.

3. Remember your actions must be always consistent with your words, values, and identity. Otherwise, the over-thinker will have doubts.

4. Over-thinker is a pessimist. So be ready to show them the bright side of life.

5. Never rush an over-thinker. This will only make them anxious and stressful. Commitment might come more slowly with an over-thinker.

6. Try not to judge your partner when he/she is over-thinking. Encourage your partner to say their thoughts and feelings out loud. This way you might help an over-thinker to decide faster.

7. Their mind is already playing games with them, so you should stop doing the same.

8. Over-thinkers are easily overwhelmed, so give your partner the required time to process information.

9. Sometimes, an over-thinker needs to make more plans to feel safe and to be sure in a particular situation.

10. Try not to become annoyed or angry if your over-thinker needs constant reassurance. See this as they care for you too much.

11. An over-thinker thinks in details. Humoring your partner’s need for detail will help to alleviate their anxiety.

12. An over-thinker asks more questions than most do. Just remember, the over-thinkers just need more information to feel more secure.

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