14 Signs You Have Mindblowing Chemistry With Someone

Chemistry works in mysterious ways. How many people you know that are compatible with one another, even though they have such different backgrounds and seem so different, but their souls are connected and they work perfectly together. This means that we’re all compatible with someone else in some ways.

Below there’s a list of 14 signs that you may experience when having such a mindblowing chemistry with someone in your life.

1. Communication Skills

The conversation flows smoothly between you, and that’s a really important thing in a relationship. You don’t hold yourself back in fear that you may be misinterpreted, the person understands you fully and vice versa. Any relationship that lacks a free conversation or lacks any conversation is bound to fail.

2. Common Interest

Whether it’s music, arts, movies, food you both like, books that you’ve read. You have a lot of common interest together and you always find something new that you both share it because you’re so alike.

3. Support For One Another

Having a strong support in crucial in our lives, and we learn that from our family. Lack of support will make us feel like we have less stability in our lives. A partner that is supporting you through your hardships and your victories is a gift.

4. You Are Both Good Listeners

You can and will gladly listen to one another when you need to be heard. You appreciate what he/she has to say and the appreciation is returned. This speaks of respect that you’ve made between both of you.

5. Respect For One Another

You cannot build a relationship without respect. With feeling and manifesting respect to the other person the basic levels of chemistry are starting to grow.

6. Building Together

There’s no such thing as jealousy between both of you, you are happy and you uplift the other when something beneficial happens to them. You are easily starting to build your relationship on new levels, and if you don’t get along, well, you know the rest.

7. Consistency

Being consistent with one another is a good sign that you are both on the same page. If the person you are with is not consistent, then they most likely don’t value your time. You can’t have chemistry if you don’t value one another.

8. You Trust Each Other

You can’t have chemistry if you don’t trust each other. You believe in this person, you truth them, and trust is a huge step forward for your relationship to grow into something more serious.

9. You Both Are Honest

You are both open to one another and can freely be honest with your opinions, whether they’re positive or negative. You have something special, keep it!

10. You Both Have Freedom

Chemistry isn’t all about physical attraction, and sometimes it’s good to be aware that you are still both two normal people. Idealizing the partner may lead you to conflicts only, so you better let yourself be free with who you are and the other way around. That way you’ll gain more trust.

11. You Both Commit

Being committed to your relationship means two heads working together, solving things together, being happy together, and build together. Yours isn’t a one-sided relationship.

12. You Care For One Another

Relationship should involve a lot of emotion. If the partner calls you after work, replies to your messages, gives you a massage when you feel sore, or just a simple caring how your day was is a sign that the partner cares for you. You can’t care for someone that you don’t live and it’s a fact.

13. Sharing Experiences

When you start chemistry with someone it’s natural to share experiences to one another. Where have you been, what you saw, the places you’ve traveled, even some difficulties in your life, when you’re sharing with them you’re feeling more and more attracted to the person. You both want to be there in the good times, bad times, or the time that you didn’t meet before.

14. You Are Happy Together

The most important thing in your relationship is to feel happy and fulfilled when you are together. Chemistry itself won’t continue to grow if you don’t grow together happily! Without being happy together you are nothing, and nothing connects you in any way, spiritually or physically. Happiness is the main reason we enter the relationships and building the relationship in a beautiful, healthy way will make the happiness long-lasting.

Source: AwarenessAct

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