20 Signs That Indicate You’re An Ambivert Person – Neither An Introvert Nor An Extrovert

Are there days when you are sure that you an introvert and yet there are also instances when you think that you are the most extroverted person alive. It might be that you have something from both the worlds, and that you are an ambivert:

1. You have no problem in attending parties and actually look forward to them. However once in the party you’re sometimes at a loss because you don’t know how to initiate conversations.

2. However if someone approaches you on their own accord you would be happy to have a long talk with them. You are happy to have a conversation, not just begin one.

3. You cannot find peace, when you are alone for too long you crave the company of others. When you are out with friends you can’t wait to get back home.

4. You have no problem in interacting with both introverts as well as extroverts. In fact some of your really close friends belong to these groups and you seamlessly fit in with both.

5. If your friends from these two groups were left together, they will have nothing to say to each other. Without you there to make things go smooth they cannot interact.

6. You can do a pretty good job, no matter if you are working alone or in a group. Having or not having people doesn’t affect your productivity.

7. You have no idea as to if you are an introvert or an extrovert. When you ask your friends for opinion, they are clueless as well.

8. You often find yourself in a dilemma. You are always torn whether you want to approach a new project at full speed, all guns blazing or if you want to take things slowly, one at a time.

9. You are the source of advice for both your introvert friends as well as the extroverts. This is because you can give a balanced opinion.

10. Having a good time can be used to describe both a quite coffee date and a loud party.

11. You are very good with people. You can understand their side of the story easily because it is not hard for you to envision yourself in their place.

12. Sometimes you have great difficulty in explaining to others what kind of emotions you are currently going through.

13. You can have an exciting time at almost any kind of event. You can enjoy yourself at any activity because you don’t have any problem in doing things which will drain either an introvert or an extrovert.

14. Everyone wants you as their traveling companion because you are the most flexible and don’t have many rigid rules.

15. You like your time in the spotlight like everyone else, but after a while it gets too much for you and you’d rather be left alone.

16. Another dilemma you are quite familiar with is the milieu of social media. One day you are happy in going through all those posts and pictures and another day they couldn’t matter less.

17. You don’t have a problem in opening up to people. But you still take some time to trust them.

18. You have the best of both worlds. You know when to be somber and deep and when to let loose and have some fun. Because of this you will be a great partner no doubt.

19. Some days you are always available on phone, and on others you feel like throwing it away in a bottomless pit.

20. All these qualities don’t mean that you have bipolar disorder with two immensely different personalities. This just means that you are an ambivert, not exactly an introvert and neither an extrovert.

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