20 Things You Need To Know About Loving Someone With A ‘Guarded Heart’

As fascinating as it sounds but to love a person who has built sky high walls to protect their heart from getting damaged might be tougher than it sounds. People are emotionally tough because they have been hurt and it is only valid for them to be this resistant. You might really love a person with a guarded heart but the question is if you will be able to love them until they put their guards down. Just in case you don’t know what it’s going to be like, here is a list of 20 things you need to know about loving someone with a ‘Guarded heart’.

1. You need to be patient with them

Every time you think you’ve managed to make her soft, she’ll show you that you have failed. Give it time and don’t stop trying if you genuinely love her.

2. She won’t let you see her emotional side easily

It has taken her a lot of time to make herself fine again. It is her responsibility to protect her emotions from any harm. So don’t be mad at her for not quickly being vulnerable in front of you.

3. She doesn’t owe you anything

Do things for her because you want to do them for her. Don’t make her automatically responsible to return it.

4. She respects your emotions but she won’t give in to them

She does really respect your vulnerable side but she won’t show it right away. Let her settle in first.

5. She isn’t the conventional girl

She prefers kindness over flowers. Your manners matter more than your words and gifts.

6. Jealousy creeps in easily

When it comes to sharing her love, she is worst at it. Even if it’s a little thing, it can drive her insane, just the thought of sharing you. Her responses sometimes shall be over the top too. But that is not because she is insecure, but because she has already faced a lot of loss in life that she just doesn’t want you to be one of them.

7. You will never know her completely

I understand it’s frustrating. But you will never understand her completely; even if you try. That is because she doesn’t even understand herself completely.

8. She likes to take things slow

She doesn’t like things moving too fast. She hates being rushed. If you try to do so, the results might not be good.

9. She needs to be comfortable before she opens up

Nobody knows how much time a person shall take to be comfortable around you. So you need to give her the time that she requires to open up to you.

10. Her time and freedom mean a lot to her

Since she is used to being all by herself, her time and freedom have become her best friend and she cannot compromise on them.

11. She is independent

She is her own mentor and guide. She pays her own bills and does things for herself. But once she is close to you, she might compromise to make ‘me’ into ‘we’.

12. She is not here for mind games

She does not like wasting her time and energy on stupid mind games. She likes things clean and straightforward.

13. She is nothing like you’ve had in the past

Time has made her raw and refined. She is nothing like the girlfriends you have had in the past.

14. She will make rules and you shall have to respect

No matter how close you are to her, she shall mark some boundaries and you will have to respect them under any and every circumstance.

15. She knows what love can do

She is aware of the power of love. She also knows how dangerous it can be which is why she likes taking baby steps.

16. She isn’t materialistic

She appreciated gifts once in a while but you can’t win her over with them.

17. She does not need you

She might want you, but she does not need you. Act accordingly.

18. She is empathetic

She has been through a lot herself so she carries a lot of empathy with herself. She shall just be sure about whom she is spending it on.

19. Your flaws are fine with her

If she appreciates your presence it will be because of who you truly are. She accepts you with your flaws.

20. She has a crazy side

Let me warn you, she has a crazy side and you might not want to drive her to that position.

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