5 Best Active Sports to Lose Weight

Engaging in sports greatly helps individuals to have the best understanding of the importance of teamwork, beat stress make friends and make fun. Moreover, engaging in sports greatly helps individuals to lose weight since they get a chance to burn calories within a short period. The following includes the 5 best active sports to lose weight.

1.The Ice Hockey
The ice-hockey has proved to be an amazing fast-paced. sports activity. It requires high levels of energy. On this, the player is required to utilize the lower section of their body in order to make both backward and forward movement while on a skateboard. The upper part of the body is then required to facilitate shooting, checking the opponents and passing the ball. Engaging in ice hockey enables one to burn at least 710′ calories in an hour, which is translated into 186 pound per individual as per the Harvard’ Health Publications.

2. Swimming

Swimming poses a great challenge on the body. It engages the muscles of both lower and the upper extremities. Engaging in swimming assures a highly effective kind of aerobic workout. Swimming sport is very simple on the joints because there is no impact encountered with the ground’. The NutriStrategy affirmed that butterfly stroke’ helps towards burning of the most calories that can go up to 948 within an hour The freestyle and breaststroke help one to burn the utmost 863 calories in a period of one hour.

3. Running
Running has proved to be highly effective when it comes shedding off of the calories’ on many occasions. It is the greatest- calorie’ burning sports activity and it does not require any kind of special equipment. You realize running is not for everyone and it is difficult especially on the joints when compared to swimming. According to the Nutristrategy, it helps to burn out a lot of calories. The pace at which an individual runs acts as the determinant of the number of calories burnt down. If you can run maintaining a pace of around 6 minutes’ mile pace, you are able to burn up to 1400′ calories in an hour Additionally, if you run at a pace of 8.-minute mile pace, you can comfortably burn’ up to 1165. calories within a period of one hour.

4. Tennis
Tennis sports incorporate a number of intense and vigorous actions. They include striking’ of the ball, running and altering the directions of the return’ shots coming from the opponent. Just like hockey, tennis requires a lot of energy from your muscles’ and the entire cardiovascular system. Following the publications from Harvard Health, tennis players are able to burn up to 320′ calories within an hour for an individual weighing 156 pounds.

5. Lacrosse
Lacrosse is one amazing fast paced team sporting activity where the players are required to shoot, run, check the opponents, and pass. It mostly ensures both the lower and the upper body muscles remain fully engaged. This amazing sport is also associated with some kind’ of cardiovascular advantages. Lacrosse greatly helps in body weight loss since engaging in the game for a period of one hour helps to burn out at least 690′ calories following the records by NutriStrategy.


Body exercise is greatly important to our body health as it keeps us in good shop. Therefore, above are some of the 5 best active sports to help you easily lose body weight.

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