5 Easy Workouts You Can Do At Home With A Personal Trainer!

Yes, life is busy but that is no excuse for you to not take care of your fitness and health in general. Your busy schedule may not allow you to join a gym and spend 2 hours a day there, which is why you need to take your fitness routine in your own hands by working out at your home. “If you are afraid of doing things incorrectly and worried that you may end up injuring yourself, you should get a personal trainer to guide you through the complete fitness regime” – suggests Noelle, a New York City based personal trainer and co-founder of Leading Edge NY. You can start with the most basic but effective workouts/exercises under the guidance of your personal trainer to improve your core strength of the body and be fit.

The following are 5 of the most effective workouts that you should start with because of the ease in it.


‘Burpees’ is an exercise routine that many people dread because of the stamina it requires. It may look simple at first but it can get difficult once you start increasing the repetitions. The exercise in itself is quite easy as you just have to go down on all fours to do a semi push-up and then stand and jump. This complete routine is one round. You can start with 8-10 repetitions and then scale it up under the guidance of your personal trainer. A personal trainer helps you do it the right way so that you do not end up pulling a muscle or two. You must definitely add Burpees to your home workout routine as it is a complete body workout.


Doing squats is the universal exercise to achieve a toned or muscular pair of legs. Keep your legs parallel to your shoulders with knees straight and aligned over your ankles. Move your butt back and down, keeping your lower leg still. Try to make a 90° angle (if you cannot, it is okay), without breaking your form. The key in this exercise is to keep the form intact, which is something your personal trainer can help you maintain. Once you get comfortable with repeating this many times, start doing it with weights over your shoulder.


Many fitness trainers consider push-ups to be the best upper body workout routine because of their incredible effectiveness on your body. The posture to follow in this is that of a basic plank but only with your arms spread out. Bend your elbows to form a 90° angle and then go back up to complete one repetition. Start with 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. You can then move on to different kinds of push-ups such as diamond push-up, wide-grip push-up and clap push-up and so on.


Rotation is a very simple exercise but certainly an important one as it focuses on your abdomen muscles, a very important muscle group as it improves your core strength. Stand tall holding a medicine ball with both hands. Swivel to take the ball to both sides of your waist and focus on your abdomen muscles. Once you are comfortable, you can continue this exercise with a strong resistance band. Tie the band to a fixed pole and pull it as the tension of the band pulls you back. Do it with both hands while maintaining the posture.

Box Jump

Box jump is a workout routine that helps you improve your core and lower body strength, along with your balance. Keep a box in front of you and try to jump on top of it from the floor. You can increase the height of the box with time. It is an excellent exercise to improve the tensile strength of your muscles.

You must have noticed how easy these exercises are to do. In spite of their simplicity, they are super effective as they focus on all the muscle groups in your body. By including these in your routine, you are doing a complete work out on a daily basis, helping you develop your body strength. Moreover, the expert guidance of the personal trainer helps you perform all the exercises in the correct posture and right timeframe.

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