5 Signs You’re With An Honest Man

Dating is nothing less than a gamble in today’s day and age. People say things they don’t mean and do things they never said. When everyone and everything is so unpredictable, what is one supposed to do? No relationship can survive unless there is trust between the partners. But how can you begin to trust someone when you don’t even know if you can trust their words?

Even worse. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past where your partner was deliberately dishonest with you, chances are you have permanently turned skeptical about such matters. Thankfully there are certain things which will indicate how sincere a man is to his words. Pay attention to the following of you want to know if your guy is honest or not:

1.Both of you have equal say in the relationship

A guy who isn’t sincere and his intentions in a relationship will always try to steer it in the direction that suits him best. He’d manipulate you and never let you take any of the major decisions. If a guy is always telling you that he knows best and to leave it all to him, you have to be a bit cautious. Someone who has no hidden motive will have no reason to keep things from you and will always be open about everything.

2.He never lets the fight get dirty

You guys might have your differences, but it doesn’t mean that he will resort to mean words to win the argument. He doesn’t want to fight with you just for the sake of fighting. And so he doesn’t wander away from the original point of the argument. And his intentions are just to get his point across. And not to hurt your feelings or dignity.

3.Your relationship is a priority in his life

When he is sincere about his feelings for you, he will keep you as a priority. This doesn’t mean that he will abandon everything else like his career or friends. It’s just that he will always be there for you when you need him. Someone who isn’t sincere will never go that extra mile to take care of your comfort over their own.

4.He is upfront about everything

Every individual has certain expectations and requirements from a relationship. But often people keep these to themselves and yet expect the other person to stand true to all these parameters. Of course this is a recipe for disaster. And so, a man who is sincere about the relationship, will talk to you about his expectations, and would want to know your limitations. So that both of you can reach a consensus.

5.He is always open for conversations

People who are not sincere usually about having deep and meaningful conversations. They’d always avoid them, saying that it’s not the time or place to have that conversation. Well, when a person wants you in their life they will always hear you out. And try to understand what you are saying. They will make sure you never feel like you are not being heard.

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