5 Things That Only Old Souls Will Understand

Do you feel out of place even amongst people your own age. Can you never seem to fathom what is the craze with a particular band or musician. Even the fashion trends don’t excited you in the least. There is no fear of missing out because you really don’t mind missing out on whatever is considered ‘in’.

In other words you are not able to relate to the experiences that your friends and family talk about. There is nothing wrong with you. It is just that you are one of the old ones. I.e., you have an old soul. The following 5 points might help you in understanding this a bit more clearly-

1. You feel more at home in the middle of a jungle than a club.

You crave the natural world. You feel much more relaxed and happy when you are surrounded by birds, trees and animals. Nature is ever constant. It has always been there, and it will always understand you. Unlike the concrete jungle of the modern civilization, where you don’t know what will turn up at the next bend. You have no joy in living in the city scape and constantly try to find ways to be closer to nature.

2. You are not bothered by the trivial details.

Who is dating who? What is the latest gadget up for grabs? All these questions don’t bother you at all. You know your place in the cosmos. In the wide world, you’re just another speck. You have learnt to have a wholesome perspective and you can easily distinguish what are the things that matter and what don’t. So, being a tiny speck that you are, you choose to dedicate your energies into making a big difference. You are mindful because you know every single action on your part created ripples that will be visible through the sands of times.

3. You like to be in your own company.

As mentioned before, you feel a little bit like the odd one out in social settings. Doesn’t mean that you don’t like people at all. Just that you need your alone time a bit more than others. Having too many ideas and thoughts thrown at you can be a bit overwhelming especially since you have your own pace. Being on your own gives you time to rearrange your thoughts and introspect. It recycles and re energizes your brain.

4. People your own age are plain tiring.

Those who are of your own age get you frustrated so easily and so often. The thing is, being an old soul means that you are much more mature than your peers. The things which seem pretty obvious to you, seem like a jigsaw puzzle to them. And so you lose your patience trying to make them understand something which is so plain and simple to you. But all hope is not lost for you. There are others like you and sooner or later you will find similar old souls with whom you’ll strike a chord.

5.You value knowledge above everything else.

You are completely aware of the transient nature of the world. You know that all material things will perish sooner or later. So the only thing of real value is knowledge. And knowledge is boundless, you know you can never learn enough even if you spend your whole life pursuing it. But you are happy I’m the pursuit itself. And that’s why you thrive in positions such as teachers or mentors. You know the more knowledge you spread, the more you will have on return. It is one treasure that can never be plundered and only keeps growing.

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