5 Tummy-Control Shapewear Pieces That Won’t Show Under Clothing

There are different types of modeling straps on the market, and each of them helps to achieve different results.

Despite this, they all reduce measurements and shape the silhouette, in addition to contributing to post-operative recovery, and due to this high demand, there are currently several wholesale shapewear suppliers.

So that you know about this product, its different versions and the benefits they bring, we have prepared this article. Read on to find out what the different types of braces are and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

What is the use of modeling belts?

Modelers are garments used mainly with the aim of reducing body measurements. Those who have a little more abdominal volume, for example, can disguise it with the use of a belt.

In addition to this result, the different types of modeling belt contribute to the improvement of posture, encouraging the body to remain in a straighter position and avoiding overloading structures such as the spine.

This product can be indicated for those who are in post-surgical recovery. This is because it helps reduce discomfort in the operated area and protects this area, favoring the desired results.

Those who performed aesthetic interventions benefit from the braces, as they bring more firmness to the skin, strengthening the region shaped by the procedure. Therefore, in some situations it may be indispensable.

Remembering that it is important to choose the right version between the types of strap and be aware of the size. After all, it is essential to be comfortable to promote skin breathing and not have limited movements.

What are the types of modeling belt?

As there are different needs, there are several types of modeling belt to choose the most suitable in each case. Below we list some options, as well as the benefits they bring:

  • Abdominal strap


The latex compression band is the most used model, which involves the waist promoting compression in the abdominal region. It helps to disguise the fat located in this region and also improves posture.

It is indicated for those who want to reduce their waist size and prevent the “love handles” from appearing in their clothes. This piece can be worn on a daily basis under any clothing item.

  • Shirt


It is one of the types of modeling girdle that requires attention when using it, because it can roll up, since it does not have a closure between the legs. But it has its advantages, as it models the waist, stomach area and breasts.

The wholesale waist trainers with logo are ideal for those who want to enhance their entire torso and improve their posture. In addition, it facilitates going to the bathroom, therefore, a great alternative for everyday life, in addition to giving both women and men a better conditioning at the time of training.

  • Bodysuit


It is a larger piece that compresses the entire body, shaping the buttocks, waist and breasts. There is the option with legs, which reduces the measurements of the thighs. By supporting the breasts, it enhances the neckline and corrects the posture. Pieces with opening between the legs make it easy to use the bathroom.

A good alternative for its use is during the coldest days, because it helps warm the body. It can also be used with dresses, both on a daily basis and for special events or parties.

  • Panties


Another type of modeling strap is panty-shaped pieces. They have a higher waistband to promote compression in the abdomen, thus disguising the measurements in this region and helping to enhance the butt.

They are ideal for those who want to accentuate the curve of the waist and give more volume to the buttocks, in addition to correcting their posture. Can be worn alone or over lingerie. They are comfortable and discreet pieces, ideal for any occasion.

  • Shorts


Compression shorts are found in different sizes, and can be short or below the knee. They all reduce the measurements of the butt by modeling it, compress the thighs and abdomen.

They are ideal pieces for disguising cellulite, fat and avoiding friction between the thighs, in addition to minimizing the volume of the belly. Can be worn with pants, shorts, dresses or other pieces.

All types of modeling belt bring benefits, but we reinforce the importance of choosing the right size. In case of doubt, talk to an expert so that he can indicate the ideal strap for the result you want!

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