6 Hidden Powers of Eye Contact That Everyone Should Know About

Our eyes are not just for seeing or looking. The windows of the soul have their power to gaze deeply into someone else’s soul, and decipher everything about an individual. How you use them, depends upon your level of mastery, and focus on meditation.


When we are training ourselves to be better speakers, communicators and leaders, we put a great deal of focus and attention into the words that we use, the way we enunciate, our postures and the various gestures that we may use to make out point.

1. Snitch

Eyes give away when someone is lying. If you ask someone a question, we can follow their eye movements and tell if someone is lying or not. So a typically normal right-handed person should look to the left if they are recalling actual events, memories, sounds and feelings. If they are lying, their eyes will look to the right, the creative side.

2. The Truth-Giver

There is truth is the eyes and our eyes reveal everything there is to know about us. When we meet someone we can sense something about them immediately. Even though we might not be capable of putting it into words, the awareness of something is there. You can tell if someone is tired or depressed. You can tell if someone is happy and delighted to meet you. Beyond the words someone speaks you can feel something else.

3. Oratory skills

If there is one simple thing you can do to enhance your impact as a presenter, persuade others to see things as you see them, and make it more likely your audience will say yes to your idea, it is sustained, purposeful eye contact with one person at a time.

In a study done last month in the journal Environment and Behavior, researchers at Cornell University manipulated the gaze of the cartoon rabbit on Trix cereal boxes and found that adult subjects were more likely to choose Trix over competing brands if the rabbit was looking at them rather than away.

4. The ‘smoky’ eyes

Eye contact during sex can be extremely arousing. It’s an amazing experience to watch your partner experience pleasure, and to be witnessed in your own pleasure.Making eye contact with a romantic partner deepens your emotional connection. A number of scientific studies have shown that consistent eye contact is one of the best ways to bond with your partner.

5. Pupil Dilation

Cognitive and emotional events can also dictate pupil constriction and expansion, though such events occur on a smaller scale than the light reflex, causing changes generally less than half a millimeter. But that’s enough.“Pupil dilation can betray an individual’s decision before it is openly revealed,” concluded a 2010 study led by Wolfgang Einhäuser-Treyer, a neuro-physicist at The Philipp University of Marburg in Germany. In the study, participants were told to press a button at any point during a 10 second interval, and their pupil size correlated with the timing of their decision. The dilation began about 1 second before they pressed the button and peaked 1 to 2 seconds after.

6. The Look of Love

The ability of the eyes to express our soul was the subject of a study on the focus of men’s and women’s initial gaze upon first meeting. Women tend to look at men’s eyes, whereas men initially look at women’s bodies. While the body is of central importance for sexual attraction, the eyes are perceived as the best indicators of one’s character.

So, the next time you are out, don’t forget to notice, and notice someone’s eyes!

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