6 Signs That Indicate Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Anymore

There are times in the relationships when it gets rough and everything suddenly leads to argue and misunderstandings, we have all been through it, and we know that those are periods that we need to pass them together.

But, it’s really heartbreaking when we are catching up on signs that we hoped that we wouldn’t see in our relationship. Is your partner now suddenly off of communication or it feels like they’re not interested anymore as they used to be?

We give you 6 signs that help you to pay more attention whether your partner is cooling down your relationship.

1. They don’t ask about you or your life

It’s a pretty straightforward sign that someone is not really into you or your life anymore. Your partner literally forgets to ask you what’s going on with your daily life or even chit-chat a bit just out of politeness. They should ask you questions, they should be interested in your life, and above all, you are into their life and the person who loves you truly, wants to be in your life as much as possible. If this isn’t happening anymore, it’s time to think about the relationship a little bit more in depth.

2. They avoid spending time with you

Having time alone is great, we all need to hang out with ourselves as much as we can to maintain our mental health and our body health. But what happens when spending time too much with ourselves to the point where we abandon our partner and avoid dates and plans together as much as possible? Cooling down the relationship. If your significant other refuses to spend time with you and rather do something else with their friends or themselves, that’s a big red flag.

3. They have no interest meeting/hanging out with your friends and your family, and don’t want you to meet theirs

If you met their friends and family or vice versa if your partner met yours and still avoids to communicate with them, go out with them together or completely avoids and post-pones any kind of hanging out with your people that were there for a much longer time in your life, you both have to sit down and have a conversation because the relationship is heading nowhere. This also goes for those that avoid meeting their family and friends and postpone any interactions with them. It seems like the partner isn’t interested in your life enough to care to know your closest ones.

4. They don’t want to be intimate with you, or the only thing they want is to be intimate with you and nothing else

There are thousand different reasons for both of these situations. If they don’t want to be intimate with you, there are reasons for it that are not to blame, maybe the partner wants to wait a bit longer, has a depression, you both have mismatched sex drives, or they might be traumas or scenarios that are holding them back from being intimate. But if the partner avoids having sex with you and you are pretty sure that nothing’s wrong with them, this is something to really worry about.

The other way, if the partner only wants sex with you and doesn’t want to get intimate on other more personal levels, is because the partner doesn’t want you to be connected and doesn’t want to feel you in his life. This way the partner uses sex as emotional manipulation to make you feel like you’re together so they can get what they want from you without feeling like they’re committed to you. Our advice is to talk with them or break up.

5. They just don’t respect you

This is never OK. If the person you are committed with starts to belittle you, doesn’t think highly of you, ignores you, is taking you for granted, you should stop and take a more drastic measure. Yes, of course there are things that can heal and get better with time and everything needs time to change, but if the person disrespects you, it’s more likely to continue to disrespect you even after you talked to them about it. Tell yourself that you love yourself more and put yourself in the first place. No one should be treating you that way, because no one is perfect and no one has the right to do so.

6. They won’t commit or even discuss the future

If you started the relationship with a thought of becoming a more serious couple, and suddenly the partner goes silent and doesn’t want to discuss the future, or doesn’t think that there’s any future between both of you the answer is obvious. The partner doesn’t want you together and not only that, they don’t have you in their bigger picture of life. Maybe they are not willing to commit because they don’t pursue the same goals as you, and has different plans of their own future. Whatever the case might be, think of both of you and your goals. No one should suppress the other one because of the ideal, perfect goals that one has. It’s time someone to go.

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