6 Zodiac Signs Who Have Highly Addictive Personalities

Much of our personality traits, habits and even addictions can be explained by our Zodiac Sign; because our Zodiac sets the blueprint for our inclinations and habits and how we deal with life. Even our addictions can be explained by taking help from the Zodiac. When we use the signs to analyze a person we’d also get to know if their sign is more prone to addiction of any kind, be it drinking excessive coffee, shopping without any restraints or addiction to alcohol or drugs. Here are 6 of the Zodiac Signs which are likely to have highly addictive personalities.

 1. Gemini

Gemini happens to be the most addictive of all the signs. There is just something about them which makes them quite incapable of controlling themselves and saying no. There have been many instances when a Gemini I know have had problem controlling their habit of hoarding things or going overboard during parties. However the good side to this high functioning addiction (of anything conceivable at all) is that they have been at it so long that now they are the pros. They are managing it easily neither compromising on their life, nor on their addiction.

 2. Taurus

As we all know the Taurus’ most recognizable traits are their stubbornness combined with a gentle nature. The latter ensures that they give in easily to peer- pressure and can’t say no to things which are forced on them. And the former means that once they start liking something they will stubbornly refuse to let go of it, even if it borders on addiction.

 3. Scorpio

The reason why Scorpios struggle with addiction is because they have a false sense of control. They always feel that everything is still under their command and that’s why they refuse to acknowledge their addiction. They’d sink deeper into the addiction if you try to challenge them or try to show them the reality. Even when they do realize that they are nearing the point of no return, they have a much harder time of letting go of their habits than most others.

 4. Libra

More than habits, Libra gets addicted to material possessions. They’d obsess over the new line of jewelry or perfume and would spend without caution on the latest edition of their favorite products. Once they’ve set their eyes on something, menial concerns like practicality, expense, worthiness etc., don’t matter at all. They are much more materialistic than any other sign of the Zodiac.

 5. Pisces

Pisces are another one of the highly addictive signs but they chase quite a different kind of rush. They don’t get high on drugs, alcohol, food or even hoarding different materialistic possessions. Instead, they crave the emotional high they get when faced with varying and intense feelings. This might seem quite harmless because there is no apparent material loss, but it is in fact quite dangerous because they lose sense of what’s acceptable and what’s not trying to get off on emotions.

 6. Capricorn

Capricorns are addicted to a world of myth and fantasy. And no, they don’t chase their drug of choice in the pages of fantasy fiction. They are the gamers who’d be as knowledgeable about Greek and Egyptian mythology as an art student because of the many games they have played. Their console is their consort.

 As you must have noticed, addiction doesn’t really mean that you’re a druggy in a dark and dingy corner surrounded by syringes. Addictions are of different kinds and also of different degrees. Just because your sign is mentioned here doesn’t mean that you are past saving.

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