7 Phrases Men Say When They Are Truly In Love

Women and men experience love differently, and they also express love differently. Men will show you how much they love you, there’s no lie in that. There are some phrases that men usually use when they love the woman they are with, so open your ears and pay attention if your man slips something like this out:

1. This reminded me of you.

Even though you were little apart that day, something came up that made him think of you. His map has created sort of map that we picks up senses, objects, symbols that remind him of you.

2. I can help you with that!

He wants to feel needed by you, he gives himself to you to offer all he can to help you out with what you are currently dealing with, whether if it’s opening a jar of pickles or something personal.

3. I’m here for you.

If you hear this one, it means that he wants to be more present in your life. More like, everyday and in every aspect of your life. He loves you and appreciates you, and wants to be involved in your life.

4. They give you a nickname

You know, when you give your men a certain nickname you know why you do that. Same as you, your man wants to call you something that you both can be playful for and to both feel more connected to each other.

5. I miss you.

This is something that men rarely say when they’re in love. We are often trained to think that men who spill these sorts of phrases too often they lie, and that’s maybe true. If your man is not very open with expressing his feelings out loud, saying I miss you is a sign that he really misses you, and he’s not making it up.

6. I am worried…

If he tells you that he’s worried about something, he feels you connected enough to him that he can talk about what’s going on his mind. Pay attention to what he says to you, maybe you can help him solve his worries.

7. I love you

The final and the most beautiful one. We all want to hear this from our beloved one, and it always makes us love that person even more. It’s the most bold and obvious one, and agree with us, most desirable of all.

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