7 Plants Which Give Out Oxygen Even During The Night

Plants inhales oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, that’s how they survive. During the night, the amounts of exhaled carbon dioxide are much bigger that the amounts exhaled by the plants during the day.

This is because plants lack sunlight to carry out photosynthesis and their carbon dioxide output gets amplified. Although this can’t have a big influence on your health, still an abundance of oxygen can have a calming effect, reducing insomnia and anxiety.

Here are the 7 plants that produce plenty of oxygen even in the night and will help you have a good night sleep.
1.Snake Plant


You would definitely want one of these plants in your home. Snake plant also known as “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue” is a great air purifier, very durable and won’t need your constant attention to thrive.

2.Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is one of the best air purifiers which produces plenty of oxygen at night. This plant is easy to watch since it doesn’t need to be watered very often. It reproduces very easily too, so you can have a lot of Aloe Vera in your house.

3.Holy Basil


Having holy basil also called tulsi near you is really beneficial. Besides, you can eat its leaves, this plant emits a very characteristic scent which can soothe your nerves and reduce anxiety.

4.Orange Gerbera


Orange gerbera purifies and perfumes the air. It also has plenty of health benefits from curing colds to preventing cancer. Remember, this plant can be tricky to grow.

5.Areca Palm


Areca palm is the best plant you can have in your home. This plant absorbs all kinds of harmful gases and keeps your air humid. Because Areca palm is native to dense tropical forests, you should keep them in areas with less sunlight.



Orchids can give you plenty of oxygen at night, which makes them perfect indoors plants. These plants have ability to banish xylene (a pollutant found in paint) from the environment and leave your house fresh and clean. Orchids only need more sunlight to do their job.

7.Christmas Cactus


Christmas cactus is all you need this festive season. It blooms only in December but its tender leaves and health benefits will keep you happy throughout the year. This plant emits oxygen all through the night, helping you sleep well. Christmas cactus thrives in dark areas, so you can keep them in your bedroom.

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